Monday, February 13, 2012

DVA: Where I belong [VIDEO]


I've been eagerly waiting for this LP to drop. Due March 20th, DVA's Pretty Ugly LP from Hyperdub will bring you much of that cadence and style in that 130 range that his pals refused to play. But for those who recall that last single/video that dropped in the most messy time signature featuring vocal virtuosities of Vikter Duplaix, this time we are treated to a cinematic single of deep horns and strings. Oddly enough, I used to listen to a version that Steve Spacek (Africa Hitech) would sing to so much that I find myself expecting his voice to drop in.... Nonetheless, a big tune from Pretty Ugly, due March 20th. Until then you can tune into his monthly Hyperdub show on Rinse FM. 2nd Tuesday of every month I believe? Lock in.



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