Thursday, February 23, 2012

Boiler Room Los Angeles Feb 25 2012

I had heard rumours of this taking place but was void of deets, For those familiar, no need to explain. For those who aren't, allow me. Boiler Room, the club night that is set somewhere in cyberspace (but really rooted in LDN) has made substantial name for itself. A room full of revelling music fans hop, juke and bob their heads to the music of the the world's most esteemed artists, who now make the event a must play. Say to Digital Do Over. Where the Do Over works in complete secrecy and near anonymity, Boiler Room announces the line up a few weeks prior and broadcast the event on the www with stunning clarity. A model that has seen them travel across EU streaming stages at major festivals. Well, the time has come to bring their voyeuristic club culture to the US shores, right to SoCal in Los Angeles.
The launch the 1st ever US broadcast will be BR LA 001 featuring a Stones Throw Exclusive: PBW, J-Rocc and Dam Funk. Was Doom's appearance prophetic?? As odd as a booking that was, this will be an event indeed.
Feb 25th, from 8-11pm PST, the triumvirate from one of Cali most revered labels. This will be pretty late in the East Coast, but I might make it an event and run it on the 42" Panny.

Anyhow, tune in. Cheers.


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