Monday, February 6, 2012

BLING47: Relaunch [VIDEO]

Waajeed, one of the unsung ambassadors of the DETROIT SOUND has relaunched his site, Glad to see. And you should be as well. You see, Waajeed is one of the few who were part of Dilla's inner circle. In fact he and I met when Dilla came to Toronto for the magical night at Roxy Blu, along w/ Dwele. Crazy. In our mosr recent convo, he mentioned holding some priceless files in the vault, and he would let some out slowly but surely. Well, here you go: will be the repository for such items, among many other things. And today, he broke down a classic track from Welcome to The D: Featuring Phat Kat, and the concept behind it.

Enjoy, and make sure you hit up.


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