Thursday, February 9, 2012

Beyoncé Remix Contest

I saw this yesterday, and was like... wow.
I would not be the one to usually post Beyoncé news, but when it's this nice - you bet. Looks as though Sony has set up a contest to remix a coming Beyoncé track, End Of Time. Ok. The contest was launched just days ago Feb 8th 2012, and is running right until March 8th 2012. Ok. There are no guide lines for the sound, essentially JUST submissions. Ok.


No seriously, I'm not mad at these competitions. Though they will likely bring on a massive flood of submissions, I like to hear interesting edits. New tempos, sounds, swing etc...

In any case, they have let go of the stems - 12 of them - for the producers to go nuts with. This should be interesting. Here's the original for cats to hear....

... and you can now get the stems in WAV here. All the info is on the actual contest page, where you're asked to upload your submissions, and pls read the rules/fine print. Chances are, they may ask for your next kid to keep hers company. ;). But you'll have $4k to show for it. LOL.

You have something fresh?? Let me know. I'd love to hear something in a new tempo range or entirely diff.




  1. Wow. Did they make it awful on purpose?! Somebody please lace this....

  2. Yeah loads of producers are going nuts over this. They advertising it on SoundCloud and it's been all over the remix sites like

    I've heard that some well known acts are going to enter (just from people talking about it on forums) probably because of the $4k prize. Somehow I don't think it is worth me making just another remix when it isn't going to win and there will be 100s of similar ones out there anyway.

  3. Yeah. I made one. $4,000 seems kind of shallow but whatever. I decided I would do it if I didn't spend more than a day on it.
    Check it out:

  4. Hey! I made a UK Garage remix of this track, i'm really proud of it. It only takes a few seconds to play/vote, have a quick look please - you'll make my day! Thanks

  5. The best HOUSE remix of this song: VOTE !!!

  6. Here Is My Link To My REMIX VERSION Of Beyonce's End OF Time...!!!


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