Thursday, February 16, 2012

Anenon: Acquiescence [DL]

Love seeing ppl do good. My man Brian Simon bka as Anenon, label honcho at Non Projects and the 2011 Madrid Red Bull Music Academy grad has been on fire. He did a series of EU dates last fall, all the while had his forth coming Inner Hue recording in the chamber and nearly complete. Busy. And coming late March will be the Acquiescence EP.
For those who know Anenon, he travels not w/o his trusty and shiny sax, his laptop and Monome. What then takes place is a beautiful amalgam of beats, brass, and experimental, written in diverse tempos and processed via personal coding in software suites, resulting in a Acquiescence recording that at times marries melancholy to merriment, but coming from a more ghostly side of Anenon (pun intended).
The Acquiescence EP which was in pat recorded at the Red Bull Music Academyin Madrid, drops March 27th 2012 on Non Project and will be followed up in May w/ a full length from Anenon.

Enjoy this download from the good ppl at Non Project.


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