Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ali Shaheed Muhammad: RBMA [VIDEO]

Just over a week ago, with the Red Bull Music Academy campaign being in full gear for the #RBMA2012 in NYC, lectures are taking place all around the globe for music fans, and also to highlight much of what takes place during the 2 weeks at the Red Bull Music Academy. Recently, Los Angeles was treated to a lecture from luminary Ali Shaheed Muhammad of the world famous A Tribe Called Quest.
Many of us have seen the documentary involving the group, we've heard of and read the back and forths online, and SOME of of you might have heard about this one lecture in Vancouver that never happened... Either way, listen to/watch this hour some lecture, moderated by my mellow, my man Cognito of Frolab. Nice one.
Shouts to Josh, Inka and Sweatson Klank.



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