Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sert One: Quesadillas

Something that I dug up in the backlog of emails to unearth for those who may have missed it. Our boy Sert One dropped a little ode to Dilla, flipping some classics. The pay what you can EP entitled Quesadillas, will see all donated monies go to the Foundation. Say Wrd.

Quesadillas is still up and available for download.



Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kutmah Presents WorldWide Family v2

All world curator, former Los Angeles resident Kutmah is preparing a new release from Brownswood. World Wide Family v2 LP will feature many the ppl that he championed early in their career and still support to this day. The Dibiases, Flying Lotuses, Gaby Hernandez, Dakims to the more recent cats that he's come across since settling in the UK. He's literally not skipped a beat. Still doing art shows, still curating nights, rolling w/ Tempo Clash and now this full comp release with Brownswood. Listen to the sampler below highlighting his varied tastes, all tracks 1 through 21. Nice. No set date as of yet that I see, but we hope to have deets soon.


01. Mo Kolours - Ridda Mountain
02. Groundislava - Creeper Shit
03. ESMK - Blunt Hopes
04. Seven Davis Jr. - Thanks
05. Slugabed - Sex
06. Sam Irl & Ritornell - Three
07. Dibia$e - Remind Me Somethin'
08. Hudson Mohawke - Are You Feelin Hot?
09. Tehbis - Higher
10. Lapti - Leaving Home
11. Shash'U - LA
12. The Darkhorsemen - Taking Over Empires
13. Samiyam - Medallion
14. Mono/Poly - With Grace
15. Bruce Haack - Ancient Mariner (Jonwayne Remix)
16. Tadd Mullinix - Exchanging Modes
17. Flying Lotus - Samsfav
18. Dakim - Typeofblue
19. Doc Daneeka & Abigail Wyles - Tobyjug
20. Gaby Hernandez - Twin Flame
21. fLako - Lonely Town feat. Dirg Gerner



Red Bull Music Academy 2012: Canada Tour, Dates

So, tomorrow we embark on a 9 day tour of the Canadian landscape for the Red Bull Music Academy partnered w/ Martyn, Egyptrixx, Exter and Simbian & Faun and spot dates. This will be something of a fun week, as they always are. If you're wondering about the W5s (what, where, when, who, why), here's how it's all going down.
The Red Bull Music Academy is in the dead middle of application campaign of the 2012 Academy in NYC this year. The RBMA will take place September 30th until November 2nd and as you know will assemble under one roof, some of the world's most interesting musicians. From participants to lecturers and performers.
To highlight this, we're embarking on a cross country tour of Canada, partnered w/ Mutek, and are touching down in 9 cities. The dates and places are as follows:

Ottawa: Feb 29th 2012

Red Bull Music Academy & Mutek Presents
Sibian & Faun

Doors @ 9pm
The Junxion Public House / 15 George Street, Ottawa, ON

Red Bull Music Academy information session:
Who: Exeter, Sibian and Faun and mymanhenri
What: Get to know the Red Bull Music Academy experience and learn more about applying
When: Feb 29, 2012 - 7pm
Where: The Junxion Public House / 15 George Street, Ottawa, ON

Toronto: March 01 2012

Red Bull Music Academy & Mutek Presents
Sibian & Faun
Doors @ 9pm
Wrongbar / 1279 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON

Red Bull Music Academy information session:
who: Martyn and Egyptrixx and learn about applying to this year's academy.
When: March 1, 2012 - 7pm
Where: Red Bull 381 Projects / 381 Queen Street West, Suite 200, Toronto, ON

Montreal: March 02 2012

Red Bull Music Academy & Mutek Presents
Sibian & Faun

Doors @ 9pm
SOCIETY FOR ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY / 1201, Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC

Red Bull Music Academy Lecture + information session:
Who: Martyn, Egyptrixx, Exeter, Sibian & Faun and mymanhenri
What: Get to know the Red Bull Music Academy experience with an exlcusive lecture by Martyn and Egyptrixx and learn more about applying
When: March 2, 2012 - 7pm
Where: SOCIETY FOR ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY / 1201, Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC

Vancouver: March 03 2012

Red Bull Music Academy & Mutek Presents
Sibian & Faun

Doors @ 9pm
Open Studios / 252 First East Ave, Vancouver, BC

Red Bull Music Academy Lecture + information session:
Who: Martyn, Egyptrixx, Exeter, Sibian & Faun and mymanhenri
What: Get to know the Red Bull Music Academy experience with an exclusive lecture by Martyn and Egyptrixx and learn more about applying
When: March 3, 2012 - 7pm
Where: Open Studios / 252 First East Ave, Vancouver, BC

Victoria: March 04 2012

Red Bull Music Academy & Mutek Presents

Doors @ 9pm
Lucky Bar/ 517 Yates Street, Victoria, BC

Red Bull Music Academy information session:
Who: mymanhenri
What: Get to know the Red Bull Music Academy experience and learn more about applying
When: March 4, 2012 - 7pm
Where: Lucky Bar / 517 Yates Street, Victoria, BC

Saskatoon March 06 2012

Red Bull Music Academy & Mutek Presents

Doors @ 9pm
Scratch / 215 2nd Ave S, Saskatoon SK

Red Bull Music Academy information session:
Who: mymanhenri
What: Get to know the Red Bull Music Academy experience and learn more about applying
When: March 6, 2012 - 7pm
Where: Scratch / 215 2nd Ave S, Saskatoon SK

Calgary: March 07 2012

Red Bull Music Academy & Mutek Presents

Doors @ 9pm
The HiFi Club / 219 10th Avenue SW Calgary, AB

Get a taste of a day in the life of Red Bull Music Academy with a lecture from Martyn and Egyptrixx and learn more about applying
When: March 7, 2012 - 7pm
Where: Head Space, 1817 10th Ave SW, Calgary AB

Winnipeg: March 08 2012

Red Bull Music Academy & Mutek Presents

Doors @ 9pm
Ozzy's | 160 Osborne Street

Red Bull Music Academy Information session:
Who: Exeter and mymanhenri
What: Get to know the Red Bull Music Academy experience and learn more about applying
When: March 8, 2012 - 7pm
Where: Ozzy's, 160 Osborne Street, Winnipeg, MB


See you there.


Beat Inc: The Formula EP

Italy has been discussed of late around here. Some comps, EPs from some 92 faves, and now we have another offering from an Italy based duo. Beat Inc, comprised of multi instrumentalist Fabrizio ‘B.Kun’ Pollice & drummer by Ed ‘HED’ Amati have released their Formula EP . Bent on concocting THEIR own formula, the two made sure that the elements were the cleanest and purest possible: all music on the EP was performed live. No pentium chips, no Intel inside, no AMD, nothing but organic work. And this work has resulted in club friendly, hip hop and 140 tempo'ed riddims.
Even best, the work was also remixed by some of the nicest out there now: Daisuke Tanabe, Om Unit and Squeaky Lobster.
The Formula EP is now avail from Original Cultures for 5€, with a wax version dropping later this year.

Say Wrd.


Low End Theory: The Documentary [TRAILER]

The new LA Lakers? Daddy Kev, Gaslamp Killer, Noncando, DJ Nobody and D-Styles are the 5 that might be the most consistent starting 5 in SoCal right now. Low End Theory nights have been getting documented for what will supposedly be full fledge motion picture. Though this trailer certainly translates what takes place on the famed Wednesday night at The Airliner, nothing can replace the experience of being there. Either way, I can't wait. But in the mean time, here's the trailer.



Lovechild: Synth You've been Gone [DL]

He's at it again. Or should I say they're at it. Red Bull Music Academy 2008 Barcelona grad Ta-Ku, the tireless producer has offered an older collaborative project Lovechild which was he and Roughsoul. Synth You've Been Gone was just that, a syrupy synth ladened record, backed w/ that syncopated snare and kick in that sluggish tempo that speaks so well to this fan. Say wrd.
But, hurry. Only 500 downloads are available. GO.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Jay 5ive & Kromestar: BackWoods

A riddim that has been floating through the airwaves at Rinse FM's Anti Social Entertainment show for some months now. And what a chune it is. Backwoods is a smooth electronic riddim that can likely calm down the most ferocious wolverine - with rabies. SO the word is that DJ Jay 5ive & Kromestar collabo will be made available on Luv N Bass in late March. I for one cannot wait!

Stay tuned for this one, no matter what the b side will be like. This is a must.


Red Bull Music Academy: Various Assets 2011 [DL]

As promised, the Red Bull Music Academy's Various Assets compilation 2011, highlighting the music from the 2011 participants in Madrid is now available for a full download. After month long campaign, releasing tracks daily as a teaser, the full compilation is now available for all to enjoy. This comp is one of the most sought after from tastemakers, press, labels among many as they look for that new talent knowing that this compilation features many of the names of tomorrow, if not today - today. In any case, set aside some bandwidth, and enjoy the Red Bull Music Academy's Various Assets 2011.


Low Limit: Trapperkeeper (Devonwho remix) [DL]

Something new from Devonwho days back from his 1st JPN tour w/ All City highlighting his new EP, Strangebrew. A 2010 remix of what was a clear floor banger from Low Limit of Lazer Sword. This is something that had been bubbling for a min, and wondered when it was coming out. He sent it my way summer 2010, as such it had become a bit of a memory. Whether commissioned or for self, Devonwho put this final edit out for his fans' enjoyment. Glad it came out.


Friday, February 24, 2012

Machinedrum: New Beats 2012 Teaser

I played this Machinedrum teaser a few times when it 1st popped up, went back moments ago and saw this: 12k plays in 24hrs. So many comments on soundcloud that you can't even think of bringing your cursor close to the sound wave. Either way, Machinedrum will have the ladies' hair swinging one the dance floor and all that. Mostly in the upper echelons of the bpm ranges, though some slower bangers are certainly present on this sampler. The closing track is something absolutely stupid. Lucky Me? Lucky us. Enjoy.


MF Doom @ Boiler Room 2-23-2012 [DL]

This was a little surreal. For all those who know what Boiler Room is all about, this was one of the oddest sets. 1st thing, the room was full of DUDES, something I had yet to experience. In fact, it was such an odd crowd, I don't even recall seeing Hat Man. But the oddest site of all was seeing Doom on the decks, at time looking lost, but the site of him being surrounded by man fans, most being close enough to peer into his laptop as he spun his selections.... was quite the site.
Now, the recluse Doom who has in past been overly protective of his appearances, allowed for a streaming of his set (which he denied when he did the show w/ Ghost), and even had it recorded. Whoa. Either way, there were some gems dropped, certainly reflective of Doom's era - and he's seen it all folks. Pretty sure I heard some Third Bass, early LONS... gems.
With that being said... enjoy this set from MF Doom on Boiler Room, also available for download from iTunes.

Red Stripe Make Sessions #001 - MF DOOM at Boiler Room




Room E: Polar Bear [DL]

Something I picked up whilst going some emails. Room E, producer from San Diego dropped something interesting through bandcamp. Much of that SoCal sound is pretty infectious and there's so stuff I'm totally into. This is nice. Ambient, a beat in the back to make that head sway, nice and smooth really. Certainly something I can work into set and you should too. This 3 track single is up and includes a remix of said track with a slightly harder kick, but just as fresh.

You can hit his page up and peep more tracks.



Om Unit: Naiad [DL]

1 day ahead of his bday, consummate professional Om Unit leaks a freebie. Naiad was one of his tracks recorded at the Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid, and will be coming out with the lot Monday Feb 27th as they release the rest of the Madrid recordings entitled Various Assets. This track will also be included in the Project Mooncircle 10th Anniversary boxset due later next month. In any case, enjoy another solid riddim from this Red Bull Music Academy grad.

And it you're seeing this on the 25th of feb, send him a birthday shout on twitter. Either way. enjoy.


Sufjan Stevens: Futile Devices (Shigeto Remix) [DL]

It must be a Detroit/Michigan thing. Detroit artist Sufjan Stevens gets a new coat of beats via Ghostly's Shigeto in what Fader is calling an odd pairing. It's the D man! ;) Anyhow, his a fresher remix from a fresher dude Zack S. aka Shigeto. Enjoy the download courtesy of Ghostly and Fader of course.



Thursday, February 23, 2012

Onslaught (HTX)

Something I came across after returning his email. Houston TX raised Onslaught (htx) is a cat who got his start in an all too familiar way: software demos, that then led to a more conscious effort to write music. Bass influences and aligned with guitars, filtered synths, creating dreamscapes of haze and minimal riddims. F*ck, I was sold on the 1st track I heard. Anyhow, enjoy and show some love.


Project Mooncircle 10th Anniversary [DL]

10 yrs. Where were you 10 yrs ago?? I know where I was, what I was doing and I even remember HER name. LOL.
Seriously though, Project Mooncircle has been *putting in work* in this game long before many knew what was happening. Many of these young producers might have been busy figuring out whether to watch Goldorak, Albator, Battle Of The Planets or original Transformers. Meanwhilst, Project Mooncircle has been releasing the music that we now cherish all day. I came across the label in late 07 (thank you Jay) and have been watching them ever since.
To celebrate the 10 yr feat, a 4LP boxset is set for release: PROJECT MOON CIRCLE - 10TH ANNIVERSARY BOX SET

This massive 45 track compilation will take you across a 10 yr span of artists who have worked with the famed Germany based label, from Mike Slott, to 1000 names, to Mike Gao, Robot Koch, Kelpe and so many more. 32 tracks will be spread across 4 wax LPs - 2 black and 2 white, and an additional 13 will be made avail via digital, all set for release March 13 2012.


In the meantime, here's a great sampler ahead of the boxset, to keep you all warm and fuzzy until March 13th.

And video....

... and you can sample the entirety of the LP.

Either way, keep a look out and we'll be posting more deets as the time comes closer.



Boiler Room Los Angeles Feb 25 2012

I had heard rumours of this taking place but was void of deets, For those familiar, no need to explain. For those who aren't, allow me. Boiler Room, the club night that is set somewhere in cyberspace (but really rooted in LDN) has made substantial name for itself. A room full of revelling music fans hop, juke and bob their heads to the music of the the world's most esteemed artists, who now make the event a must play. Say to Digital Do Over. Where the Do Over works in complete secrecy and near anonymity, Boiler Room announces the line up a few weeks prior and broadcast the event on the www with stunning clarity. A model that has seen them travel across EU streaming stages at major festivals. Well, the time has come to bring their voyeuristic club culture to the US shores, right to SoCal in Los Angeles.
The launch the 1st ever US broadcast will be BR LA 001 featuring a Stones Throw Exclusive: PBW, J-Rocc and Dam Funk. Was Doom's appearance prophetic?? As odd as a booking that was, this will be an event indeed.
Feb 25th, from 8-11pm PST, the triumvirate from one of Cali most revered labels. This will be pretty late in the East Coast, but I might make it an event and run it on the 42" Panny.

Anyhow, tune in. Cheers.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Well x 3. It's been quite the week for cats. After smashing back to back gigs in Toronto and Montréal, and the week+ time it took for ppl to regain their footing from these dizzying nights, and the footage we dropped earlier today, Badbadnotgood have come good with a promise of a new live recording.
BBNG LIVE 2 has just dropped, and it features many a recording that had them buzzing, esp the ballyhooed re edit of James Blake's CMYK which buzzed all the way back to our shores from the Gilles Peterson's World Wide Awards In Jan 2012, where the 30 min EP was recorded. Best part of all? Professionally mixed. #FTW.


Bonus footage...



King Britt Presents Fhloston Paradigm

The always fwd thinking and experimental King Britt is at it again. The man who deftly delighted us with all types of production along his storied career is now embarking on another great chapter.
March will see the release of his Fhloston Paradigm project electronic giant Hyperdub. This will be a three track EP with the possibility of a LP follow up in the near future. The previous Fhloston Paradigm material appeared on the Philly based SNS venture.

Tracklist is a follows:

A1. Chasing Rainbows
A2. The Chase
B. Liloo's Seduction

Look for more deets and music very soon.


GonjaSufi: The Blame [VIDEO]

New desolate and despondent visuals from GonjaSufi's MU.ZZ.LE which dropped not so long ago, as a mini release from Warp Records. Never thought a bright and sunny Los Angeles California could covey so much gloom...



FOR THE D: Badbadbnotgood LIVE in Toronto [VIDEO]

As I promised yesterday, we were working on putting together a slick video of the phenomenal show, FOR THE D we put together Feb 9th. An idea that really started 1 yr ago in my head, that went to a quick meeting in the park last fall, and came to fruition Feb 9th - very flavourful fruition. I love it when good ideas come together. Better yet, I love it when good like minded folk connect, and this was a great show - here AND in Montréal. The final product was Badbadnotgood doing phenomenal medleys of Dilla's great work, for all to enjoy. Amazing indeed.

In any case,want to thanks Matt, Alex, Chester, GhettoGold, Nav, Wrongbar (thank you so much guys), Taktiks, André, Red Bull Canada and last but certainly far from least, my full time mellow, and fuller time visionary T Franchise at Gloss for the fantastic edit and of course all who came out to make this a priceless experience. Toronto is in the building. 92 is in the building. Stay tuned....



Tuesday, February 21, 2012

M-Phazes vs James Blake [DL]

LOL. I still love hip hop.

Aussie producer M-Phazes does a James Blake flip and takes one of my faves I Never Learnt To Share and flips, reshuffling both titles and drums to something like James Blake never learnt to make drums smack like this. LOL. But man, do they smack. Shouts to whomever DM'ed me about this one, and shouts to Jay as usual, as I later realized I saw his tweet 1st.

Enjoy this one, and go peep this banging original.


Chesca Ches: Our Sunday [DL]

Something that popped up from Chesca Ches of Royalty with no real rhyme or reason. Regardless, look for her to tour the US during the month of March. No real firm dates so far. Anyhow, for the fans out there, here's a little something from she.



Mike Gao: Run Before You Wake [VIDEO]

San Diego's own Mike Gao has recently dropped a video from the double A-side 12" project w/ 2010 Red Bull Music Academy grad Daisuke Tanabe. Part of the Faces series of 12" featuring curated music as well as artwork, this video emerges as the 12" was made available this past week.

Look for it at your fine vinyl emporiums. But don't walk... RUN! ;)



FOR THE D w/ Badbadnotgood [VIDEO]

I guess I should have looked. But looks like video of our FOR THE D Dilla tribute night has finally surfaced. Nice. Funny, but we've been working on our own edit of the soirée but simply got sidetracked with some more pressing (read paying) jobs so it never surfaced. But this one did. Nice. Thanks to Prefix mag as they seem to really like it. So did the other 400+ in house. I'll put you cats on +1 next time. ;). If they like that one, wait until the audio from the MTL show comes out. In any case, shouts to Badbadnotgood for being such good sports and rolling with what I thought was a dope idea. Anyhow, enjoy.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

RBMA: Maseo Of De La Soul [VIDEO]

Ahhhh... The Red Bull Music Academy aka la verdad aka the truth. As I mentioned, the Red Bull Music Academy will be in NYC this year for the 2012 edition, and all around the world, they're doing great lectures with esteemed music curators be it producers, DJs, singers etc... Was in San Fran recently for the Masters At Work/Stretch And Bobbito lectures, but would have loved to hve been to this following one live.
This about 2 weeks ago, Maseo of De La Soul sat on the proverbial couch in Los Angeles to speak and wow... gems right from the jump. This lecture is the type of academic element of the music that I always say is missing these days. Let's sit down and talk to cats and see what they have to say about life in their own words, cadence and tone.
Clear your next 2 hr so you can watch this a few times. Enjoy.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Sir OJ: Supreme (FS Green rmx)

No sooner do I mention the Supreme EP by Sir OJ, I find a remix has been commissioned for the title track, and will be out late March. Dutch beat dynamo FS Green has the remix in the can ready to drop, and this one is certainly headed for a dancefloor near you.

Looks like this may be a Beatport exclusive. Confirmations to come.


Low End Theory Japan Compilation 2012

Coinciding w/ the return of the Low End Theory Tour 2012 to Japan, a Nipponese exclusive has been curated for said event. A 16 track compilation will be released in Japan and looks something like this:


1. Nosaj Thing - Quest (Low Limit Remix)
2. Jonwayne - Crumbled Luna
3. Dot - Artichoke
4. Nobody - Hey Love (On Our Own) (Instrumental)
5. Ras G - Sun Behind the Clouds
6. Co.fee - Gypsy Skirt
7. Gaslamp Killer - Anything Worse
8. Samiyam - Sunrise
9. ELOS - Airliner’s Patio
10. Nocando - Hurry Up And Wait
11. Free The Robots - Rattlesnake
12. Dibiase - Skullcrack
13. D-Styles - Cliffords Mustache
14. Kone - Cheese Grater
15. Daddy Kev - Little Doggy
16. Virtual Boy - Mass

For the ardent followers of Low End Theory and Alpha Pup, much of this will look and sound quite familiar, but is still a nice addition to the library for the collector. This compilation was curated by Hashim Bharoocha, the person behind the LA Loves JPN comps from this past year, and will also be released on Disques Corde March 7th 2012.

Once again, to all in Japan: 楽しむ



Thursday, February 16, 2012

Low End Theory Japan 2012 Trailer [VIDEO]

This should be a blast. The return of Low End Theory to Japan March 16-19 2012. You might recall the 2012 tour trailer and the featurette that came afterwards. Sadly, no tour was scheduled last year for reasons I'll assume were rooted in the Tsunami tragedy. But, 2012, Southern California will be in the building. Along for the ride:

Daddy Kev, DJ Nobody, Nocando, D-Styles, Nosaj Thing and Samiyam - who'll be back in Asia after spending a grip of time there recently.

Dates are as follows:

March 16 Sapporo 札幌 @ BONDZ
March 17 Himeji 姫路 @ Fab-space
March 18 Osaka 大阪 @ Universe
March 19 Tokyo 東京 @ UNIT

Nonetheless, for my friends in Japan: 準備をする. Should be a blast. If you're on Facebook, the tour info is here.


Do Over New Zealand [VIDEO]

The good guys at the now WORLD famous Do Over were in New Zealand in late January, for what has been cheekily called The Do Over Down Under - Nice. As usual, guests were unveiled the day of. DJ Day and J-Rocc. 3000 RSVPs later, it looked something like this.....

shouts to Haycock and Jamie.


Ali Shaheed Muhammad: RBMA [VIDEO]

Just over a week ago, with the Red Bull Music Academy campaign being in full gear for the #RBMA2012 in NYC, lectures are taking place all around the globe for music fans, and also to highlight much of what takes place during the 2 weeks at the Red Bull Music Academy. Recently, Los Angeles was treated to a lecture from luminary Ali Shaheed Muhammad of the world famous A Tribe Called Quest.
Many of us have seen the documentary involving the group, we've heard of and read the back and forths online, and SOME of of you might have heard about this one lecture in Vancouver that never happened... Either way, listen to/watch this hour some lecture, moderated by my mellow, my man Cognito of Frolab. Nice one.
Shouts to Josh, Inka and Sweatson Klank.



Sir OJ: Supreme EP

It's been a hot min since I've heard from Sir OJ. The member of the dutch trio Slumgullion, who had very early impact in this game being a part of the very influential Beat Dimensions v1 record, had since gone a little dark, after a subsequent EP. The odd single here and there surfaced online, but nothing significant unless you were an ardent follower. One for Nalden droppeed from Sir OJ and then followed by the likes of Marrakech Heater, One For Brum and this BANGER of a Kid Cudi re-edit called Cudder (bananas). But some of us longed for the early talent we had heard in 2007-08. Well, now, here's one for us finally: Supreme EP

In this new Supreme EP, we witness a touch of maturation from Sir OJ. The once more hip hop influenced producer has delivered one that has still his roots on tape, but certainly more club tempo driven rhythms. Right from the start, the self titled track is runs in a very dance floor friendly 140, with the ubiquitous 32nd hi hats throughout the track. In fact, we're treated to that kind of of cadence through three track off this EP, joined by synths and some 808 claps and rolls. You can listen to cuts from the Supreme EP below.

The EP is out now and can be scoped up online. Enjoy.


Anenon: Acquiescence [DL]

Love seeing ppl do good. My man Brian Simon bka as Anenon, label honcho at Non Projects and the 2011 Madrid Red Bull Music Academy grad has been on fire. He did a series of EU dates last fall, all the while had his forth coming Inner Hue recording in the chamber and nearly complete. Busy. And coming late March will be the Acquiescence EP.
For those who know Anenon, he travels not w/o his trusty and shiny sax, his laptop and Monome. What then takes place is a beautiful amalgam of beats, brass, and experimental, written in diverse tempos and processed via personal coding in software suites, resulting in a Acquiescence recording that at times marries melancholy to merriment, but coming from a more ghostly side of Anenon (pun intended).
The Acquiescence EP which was in pat recorded at the Red Bull Music Academyin Madrid, drops March 27th 2012 on Non Project and will be followed up in May w/ a full length from Anenon.

Enjoy this download from the good ppl at Non Project.


Dublab: iPhone App

As the iPhone dev continues, more and more apps we want are coming down the pipe. In any case, it's to my delight to find that all world LA based Dublab has now joined in.
Available now from Dublab is a shiny new iPhone app, allowing for streaming of all of that wonderful content tucked away in those southern california servers.


- Two streams to choose from: dub-stream or theme-stream
- Background audio – listen while using other apps <--- nice. - Current show information displayed along top of screen - Share via Facebook, Twitter and E-mail At current, it does not seem like the app is universal so it's not ported for the iPad though it will likely still work. Regardless, enjoy some Dublab on your iPhone now by downloading the free app now.



Hyperdub Special: Kode9 & Scratcha DVA [DL]

As we always do about this time... The monthly edition of the HyperDub Special on Rinse FM happen to fall on of all days, Valentine's. No worries. I caught the start to the show and waited for the upload from Rinse FM later. And it's here. Highlights were obviously the truckload of exclusives coming from the label the next few months, but specifically from DVA Pretty Ugly, days removed from the release of his new video and the newly redesigned HyperDub site which now has an online store.

Either way, the show is up for musical merriment and the classic jovial and jokester that is DVA, and 2 sets from Kode9.

HyperDub Special on Rinse FM feat DVA & Kode9



Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Red Bull Music Academy: Various Assets 2011 [DL]

As many of you know by now, this is Red Bull Music Academy application season. Now through April 2 2012, all aspiring musicians can apply for the now high profile and prestigious program. The grads of the 4 week event are well known and documented, as is much of their music. And once a year, the music from the previous academy is released to the masses for all to enjoy.
For the last 9 days, the Red Bull Music Academy has been releasing the recorded gems from The 2011 Madrid edition, and this morning was capped another drop. All will be available for personal pleasure and consumption - for free. Until the 24th, 1 track will be dropped daily capping a 16 day campaign. On Feb 24th, the full 35 track album will be made available for the world to enjoy and marvel at.

Come back daily and check for the new track of the day as it gets added.

If you're in Canada, do recall that the Red Bull Music Academy Tour co-presented by Mutek will be criss crossing the country starting Feb 29th, and will feature none other than Martyn + Egyptrixx with support from Academy grads.

More deets to come...


OFF Love: CloseToU (oOoOO Remix) [DL]

Someone I've peeping from a distance has been SF producer oOoOO. Was enamoured with much of what I had heard when I was 1st introduced and in fact came close to catching a set one day (can't recall where I was). Nonetheless, for that know me personally, you know I love that dreamy bizness - maybe because I daydream so damn much... either way, oOoOO through this track out yesterday, a remix of another band I'm now being introduced to: O F F Love. CloseToU (oOoOO remix) An reverb filled, ambient ode to Valentine's for those who can get down like that - and I can.

A day later ya, but... every day is Valentine's. ;)



Onra: Perfect(ed) Match

Wow. In what might have been a late entry in the Valentine's day influenced extravaganza yesterday, everyone's fave French Vietnamese and Red Bull Music Academy 2009 grad Onra slid a freebie for his fans and listeners to enjoy. It popped up as I was getting ready for not one but TWO Valentine's day events last night, so I figured I'd check it in the AM. Boy was I mistaken. 17 hrs later, 7300 plays and the 1k download cap reached, no love. DAYUM. All good.
Either way, a little something for the enthusiasts of his boogie chops....

And maybe if you do a nice enough dance to this, the download cap might be upped??? lol



Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hudson Mohawke's Valentines Slowjams Chapter V [DL]

Just like it said. 5 yrs running, by your boy Hudmo aka Hudson Mohawke. Got em all. Enjoy with you and yours. Gunshots and all....



Monday, February 13, 2012

Exile: Klepto [VIDEO]

Something new from Exile, who I just saw rawking it in SF a a few weeks back. From the 4TRK MIND recording, Klepto has been brought to a short motion picture life.

Watch it through it's explosive conclusion. Ha...Yay for sense of humor.



DVA: Where I belong [VIDEO]


I've been eagerly waiting for this LP to drop. Due March 20th, DVA's Pretty Ugly LP from Hyperdub will bring you much of that cadence and style in that 130 range that his pals refused to play. But for those who recall that last single/video that dropped in the most messy time signature featuring vocal virtuosities of Vikter Duplaix, this time we are treated to a cinematic single of deep horns and strings. Oddly enough, I used to listen to a version that Steve Spacek (Africa Hitech) would sing to so much that I find myself expecting his voice to drop in.... Nonetheless, a big tune from Pretty Ugly, due March 20th. Until then you can tune into his monthly Hyperdub show on Rinse FM. 2nd Tuesday of every month I believe? Lock in.



Beyoncé: End Of TIme (Om Unit Rmx)

Posted deets on this competition that Sony opened up to producers world to remix Beyoncé's next single, End Of Time. I got a few notices whilst I was away, but here's one from Red Bull Music Academy grad, and head of Cosmic Bridge Records and for the reader of this site - one of my faves, Om Unit. A tight one indeed. And I hope he works on a few more as I know he's got it in him.



Low End Theory Podcast 21 [DL]

Missing for some 77 days, the Low End Theory is back w/ a brand new episode. Leading the charge are doyen Daddy Kev and 1st time podcast curator, and the mortar to the madness that is the OFWGKTA army on tour, is Syd Tha Kid. Nice. Enough chatter. Enjoy. PS - welcome back Earl.


Don't forget you can just subscribe to the podcast on iTunes for that morning of Dec 25th feeling. ;)


Erykah Badu on RBMA show in Madrid [VIDEO]

Miss Badu speaking on her show during Red Bull Music Academy Madrid, and kind words on both Hudson Mohawke and Jamie Woon, both Red Bull Music Academy grads from 2007 and 2008 respectively.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Beyoncé Remix Contest

I saw this yesterday, and was like... wow.
I would not be the one to usually post Beyoncé news, but when it's this nice - you bet. Looks as though Sony has set up a contest to remix a coming Beyoncé track, End Of Time. Ok. The contest was launched just days ago Feb 8th 2012, and is running right until March 8th 2012. Ok. There are no guide lines for the sound, essentially JUST submissions. Ok.


No seriously, I'm not mad at these competitions. Though they will likely bring on a massive flood of submissions, I like to hear interesting edits. New tempos, sounds, swing etc...

In any case, they have let go of the stems - 12 of them - for the producers to go nuts with. This should be interesting. Here's the original for cats to hear....

... and you can now get the stems in WAV here. All the info is on the actual contest page, where you're asked to upload your submissions, and pls read the rules/fine print. Chances are, they may ask for your next kid to keep hers company. ;). But you'll have $4k to show for it. LOL.

You have something fresh?? Let me know. I'd love to hear something in a new tempo range or entirely diff.



Sonnymoon: Just Before Dawn

Gawd I love these cats, and it's all coming together beautifully. Leading to a full album in spring, Sonnymoon has just released a EPIC 8 min track Just Before Dawn from Plug Research. In what starts so innocently, keys and vocals, dawdling away, eventually slides into an orchestral opus. A tempo of hand claps slowly develops rising as a ray of light at dawm, where then a gaseous electronic cloud emerges, carrying it to the shiny gliitery end, still in harmonious hymn accompaniment. I can wait to see this live. Included is an alternate version w/ all world Miguel Atwood Ferguson, with additional strings for drama. YES!

The single is available world wide now, on iTunes.

Don't forget about the North American tour w/ Teebs and Time Wharp. Check your local listings for addition deets.


Red Bull Music Academy: Canadian Tour

It's about that time. Say Wrd.

Since 2008, we've tagged along for the Canadian Red Bull Music Academy tours and this year will be the same. Hitting cities across the country informing ppl on what the Red Bull Music Academy is, what the program is all about and a does of what goes down. I could go on and on, but i'll get into more deets as we go along.
Headlining the tour this year will be Martyn along w/ Egyptrixx. They will also be the guest lecturers at the selected dated along the tour. Those lectures are my personal fave.
Of course the night times will be filled with music and merriment. Look got EXETER, Xavier Leon who were both participants at the 2011 edition in Madrid. Amazing.
Again, i'm skipping through this, but major deets and updates will be coming in the next week and change.
But here are the final dates:

Canadian Red Bull Music Academy Tour featuring Martyn and Egyptrixx

February 29, 2012 – Ottawa, ON - Junxion
March 1, 2012 – Toronto, ON – Wrongbar
March 2, 2012 – Montreal, QC – S.A.T.
March 3, 2012 – Vancouver, BC – Open Studios / 252 First East Ave, Vancouver, BC
March 4, 2012 – Victoria, BC - LuckyBar
March 6, 2012 – Saskatoon, AB - Scratch
March 7, 2012 – Calgary, AB – HiFi
March 8, 2012 – Winnipeg, MB – Venue TBC

As I mentioned, look for updates as they'll be coming fast and furious. For a full release, pls go the Red Bull Canada site.

Looking to apply to the Red Bull Music Academy?? You can download the application here. In the interim, here's a little primer...

Enjoy, and see you soon, wherever you are.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Unreleased Dilla & Steve Spacek

As the numerous celebratory posts for Dilla pill up, and flood twitter, some very interesting gems have surfaced. Including this one. We all know what kinda of magic Steve Spacek and Jay Dee have made together, and this is no exception.
The owner of the acct indicates this may come out on 45. I'm only assuming this maybe cutting room floor works from the Sound In Color days. And that beat is an interlude somewhere on a record... I just can't recall which one. TOO MANY. ;)

ENJOY. It's a banger. Shouts to Nutriot for that.


Tokimonsta: Darkest (Dim) Ft. Gavin Turek

Off her last EP, arcane visuals from Brainfeeder's 1st lady: Tokimonsta.



Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jay Dee on World Wide Feb 2001

Happy Bday Dilla.

On his bday, I decided to upload the audio to the classic interview of a young and spry Jay Dee w/ Gilles Peterson, as he speaks on much including what was soon to be recognized as the seminal hip hop record: Welcome 2 Detroit. Such a pleasure to listen to this, and no better time than today.

Enjoy. RIP Jay Dee.


Monday, February 6, 2012

Robot Koch: Beats In The Details [VIDEO]

Producer Robot Koch, takes us through his little work flow and some of his own personal secrets in putting together tracks. Still have yet to create a full track and Ableton. Maybe this will light that fire... Either way, enjoy the final track as it was detailed in the video.


BLING47: Relaunch [VIDEO]

Waajeed, one of the unsung ambassadors of the DETROIT SOUND has relaunched his site, Glad to see. And you should be as well. You see, Waajeed is one of the few who were part of Dilla's inner circle. In fact he and I met when Dilla came to Toronto for the magical night at Roxy Blu, along w/ Dwele. Crazy. In our mosr recent convo, he mentioned holding some priceless files in the vault, and he would let some out slowly but surely. Well, here you go: will be the repository for such items, among many other things. And today, he broke down a classic track from Welcome to The D: Featuring Phat Kat, and the concept behind it.

Enjoy, and make sure you hit up.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tensei: One EP [DL]

I was recently having this convo w/ this cat I know. Long hip hop fan and producer who was like... "MAN, I'm all about the loops and drums man." No doubt. What's next though? What if you want to do a touch more?? Some cats have been stuck, but not these guys. I 1st ran into the name Tensei when they came up on a Bilal 12" with a tight remix for Robots.
I got an email saying they were down w/ Plug Research and they were about to drop. I've been listening to this EP for a min, and in it found a group that was thinking as I was - w/o getting into details. Tensei (Simple X and Midas Wells) have been producing for years, before meeting in uni, and met up again some time after a came together as Tensei, heaven star in Japanese. Again, ardent hip hop fans who found themselves wanting to do and try more. Enter The One EP. A range of production that finds dubby riddims, to smooth jazz influenced renditions to straight hip hop bangers. The maturity does shine through on this One EP, and is one that I do keep in rotation. Chi Town stand up.

Track List

1. Acid Reign
2. For the Love
3. Let ‘em in
4. Fly Trap
5. The Minotaur
6. Threee’s
7. Smash Mouth
8. For the Love ft. Adad, Yaw, & Denmark (Bonus Track)
9. Fly Trap ft. Scarlet Monk (Bonus Track)
10. Smash Mouth ft. Scud One, Phenom, & The Ones (Bonus Track)

You can download the above track, but it looks like you buy it from iTunes if you want to the bonus tracks. Show love.



Saturday, February 4, 2012

Krystal Klear: We're Wrong b/w From The Start


As I post this, I think of the cover of the new Billboard featuring A Trak, Diplo and Skrillex. A dance revolution has been taking place, with tempos all geared towards getting all to meet at the dance floor. Can't be mad @ that. One who never knew anything but tempo and club bangers is one Krystal Klear. Just a few months removed from his stint at the Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid, money making Manchester's maestro releases his 2nd 12" w/ All City. In ode to the dance floor, and the ladies that fill it, we have a quasi throw back to early days of house riddims from the phenom. Yup. Tempos stay are up. Yup. The revered 808 sets the cadence on both track and the bodies moving for durations of each. Yup. There's no question these are dance floor ditties for deities,

We're Wrong
From The Start This Krystal Klear from All City should be in stores Feb 20th 2012, and the wax will be supplied w/ download codes.



Devonwho: Strangebrew, Japan Tour


We've been waiting for something to come from PDX cat for more than a min. After a hot little streak of releases w/ his Kilpm0dian cohorts, moving to LA, than back to PDX and now living in San Fran, Devonwho has now broken his silence.
In the next week and change, the world will be blessed with a new release from the Portland native who was picked as a fave by the likes of Dam Funk among the many.
Strangebrew will be Devonwho's 2nd release with All City, with the 1st coming just about 1 year ago during what seemed like a flurry of work/releases. The ingredients that made him the cat's meow, put the unk in the funk are still as before. Heavy synths, percussions , well arranged tracks sequences, upped tempos, breaking away from the undistinguishable peloton of producers, a maturing of sorts.
Having been listening to this one for more than a minute, I can assert his fans will rejoice from much stanky basslines like the one in Sleet, and the fresh double time bounce of the title track Strangebrew, for which he enlists nowfellow bay resident, Frite Nite chief and Red Bull Music Academy grab B Bravo (shouts) who brings extra stanky keys and swing for the remix.
Ultimately, this brew appears not so strange at all, but simply refine con mas sabor. ;). Look for it in stores March 5th 2012.


1. Strangebrew
2. Sleet
3. Cactus
4. Strangebrew (B Bravo rmx)

Added to that, we have word of a Nipponese tour coming, highlighting the release of the All city 4 tracker. Not much deets are available at present other than the below flyer.

Look for some updates real quick

Say wrd.


Kan Sano: Cicindela Japonica [DL]

Been a min since I caught something from Kan Sano. There was an appearance on this Sunrise Choir, but the last release I recall was his Fantastic Farewell release. Well, the proficient pianist and producer is back with a little something for his fans to consume. Released quietly earlier today was Cicindela Japonica, what I see translates to a Japanese beetle. This 6 track release will again display the purposeful production from a former jazz student who meets hip hop influences of his former band, but also still injects that singular soul that the Japanese have long been fond of. Best of all, he's made this Cicindela Japonica release a freebie. You can sample it below.


01. inspire
02. key
03. stay
04. see
05. heartbeat
06. space




Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sonnymoon: Magician (Mndsgn SalmonFromIpanemaMX)

In what is an unreleased rmx from the newest EP, Sonnymoon and the good ppl over at Plug Research have leaked a samba spirited remix to Magician. Summoned for this rework was Klipm0de's Mndsgn. Get your caxixi ready and play along to this great rework.

Do recall the Sonnymoon EP is out now and the North American tour has been announced.

Teebs, Sonnymoon, Time Wharp Tour: North Am Dates [DL]

So happy to see this happening. I had been keeping my eye on this ever since last year and my dream has not only come true, it's in full colourful PANAVISION. ;)
It's with absolute glee that I announce the North American tour for Teebs, Sonnymoon and Time Wharp. This tour will have them going through the US east coast and 2 dates in Canada that we were able to facilitate.
Featured will be the beautiful sounds of Red Bull Music Academy graduate and Brainfeeder's Teebs, known purveyor of fine vibes and vivid visuals, the sultry sounds of Sonnymoon from Plug Research, and Atlanta's Time Wharp. The tour launches 6 weeks from now but the announcement went out yesterday, so check you local listing as the we drawer closer to the dates. Speaking of, they are as below:

Tour Dates:

March 22 - Athens, GA - Georgia Theatre (with Four Tet)
March 23 - Asheville, NC - Emerald Lounge
March 24 - Atlanta, GA - 529
March 25 - Richmond, VA - Balliceaux
March 26 - Washington, D.C. - DC9
March 27 - St. Mary’s City, MD - St. Mary’s College
March 28 - Baltimore, MD - Soft House
March 30 - New York, NY - Santos Party House
April 2 - Buffalo, NY - TBA
April 3 - Toronto, ON - The Drake Hotel w/ mymanhenri
April 5 - Montreal, QC - Le Belmont
April - Boston, MA - TBA

And to launch the tour date announcement, they have an accompanying tour promo mix for you to discover all 3. Shouts to Patrick and Tom for that one.


Sonnymoon - Near Me
Teebs - Pretty Poly
Time Wharp - mdat (feat. Divine Interface)
Stereolab - Diagonals
Kuhn - Slime Beach (The Range Remix)
Avila Santo - Punic Wars
Sir Froderick - kungfu
Arthur Russell - I Like You!
Teebs - Cook, Clean, Pay The Rent (New House Version)
Four Tet, Burial, & Thom Yorke - Ego
Time Wharp - BLK (Obey City Remix)

More to come on each band in the coming weeks.



Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Computer Jay: Whip

As I go through my bookmarks, the one I had to post no matter who past it was is this one right here.
Computer Jay, friend of HVW8, forever 1/3 of Master Blazter, 1/2 of Computer Killer (that's right) and a beast on his own, readies to drop music later this year. As it is, he's leaked a track entitled WHIP which has been whipping around the internet. All good. I've been down w/ Computer Jay since the early days of the HVW8 podcast and will forever rep dude. Fantastic riddims.
Keep your eyes and ears posted for more riddims.

Computer Jay - Whip



[RIP J-1]


Martin Luther King Speeches Over Beats

Black History Month is officially celebrated beginning today. I had this one bookmarked and was waiting for this day to post it. In any case, rare speeches from Dr. King himself over classic and timeless beats.

You can get the full transcripts from Liberator mag.



heRobust: Late Night/Morning After [DL]

If I could put out a record - or set - that could describe my nightly routine, heRobust just beat me (#pause) to it. LOL.
All jokes aside, one of my fave ATLiens has just dropped a project that is packaged like a double LP, something akin to The Love Below/Speakerboxxx.
heRobust has released by way of Saturate Records, Late Night / Morning After x2LP today.
Featured will that slow tempo, cone rattling bass that had me buggin when his 1st LP dropped, the same bottom end that was featured on numerous BUSTED remixes (nice branding), and now on this double LP endeavour.

Late Night/Morning After is a classic concept with the four four bangers Biggie was kickin in doors with. Tight samples, crystal clear synths and enough bottom end to make Cherokee say DAYUM. heRobust delivers a fresh beat science record, mixing all the known explosive elements - like alkali metals and water - resulting in what would be described a the exothermic reaction - HEAT! Do yourself a favor a grab these projects first, then put the battery back in the smoke detector before playing. Now enjoy responsibly.

Say wrd


Lapalux: When You're Gone EP [DL]

These are the records that I impatiently wait for. Reason? Among a small intelligentsia, there was some expressed concern re: the direction of the beat science environment. The known genre that lacked a name, but made up in attention, also lacked direction. Not only that, some among us would tell you that technology's welcome mat made it's access unprecedented - a double edge sword. On one hand, I've had a firm belief that everyone has a banger inside them. With that being said, the beat science may also be be suffering from a devalued currency by it's flooding of the market. Just take a look around. Lastly, the growth has been arrested much like a EU zone economy. Enter Lapalux. I usually don't trust cats w/ 2 first names, but this young Stuart Howard aka Lapalux, a brit on the cusp of a stellar release from the Brainfeeder camp from Cali. Dropping Feb 07 2012 will be his 3rd release, When You're Gone EP.


1. 102 Hours of Introductions
2. Moments (Feat. PY)
3. Gone
4. Yellow 90's
5. Construction Deconstruction
6. Gutter Glitter
7. Face Down, Eyes Shut

When You're Gone EP is an emotionally charged record, possibly inspired by myriads of morose moments, carefully crafted in a sedate cadence, a tempo not unfamiliar to a beat fanatic but too oft unexplored. Melodic murmurs, dramatic synths, gritty samples and other known elements make up this impassioned release from Lapalux. A marvel as mysterious as it is mawkish, When You're Gone is certainly recherché, with lead tracks like the fantastic Gutter Glitter which plays like a Stygian score, his electro organic sound. Some of my faves also includes Moments (feat PY) and Construction Deconstruction. In the interim, enjoy Gutter Glitter as a freebie.


When You're Gone EP drops Feb 07 2012 from the Brainfeeder label, and distributed by Ninja Tune worldwide.

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