Monday, January 16, 2012

Suff Daddy: +EFIL4FFUS [DWNLD]

Great news indeed.

EFIL4FFUS (reads Suff For Life), the record that got me totally hooked on Suff Daddy back in 2008 (it's been that long?) has been repackaged w/ the music from a a glorious 7" which was released sometime after wards, and now we have a complete record for those among your discovering Suff Daddy right now.
Coming from the good ppl over at Melting Pot is a new and improved released from Suff Daddy which will feature some absolute classics like Brewster, Kill Bill, one of my faves Gin City, drops by both Miles Bonny and Oddissee as well as duets w/ songstress Kissey Asplund. +1.
+EFIL4FFUS will see light of day Feb 24 2012 and can be available world wide from all reputable record peddlers.

Side A
1. Kill Bill
2. Late Night Suff feat. Miles Bonny
3. Brewsters
4. Late Night Reprise feat. Kissey Asplund
5. Gin City

Side B
1. The Only Way I Know feat. Oddisee
2. Plastic 1
3. Plastic Dub
4. Like Daddy
5. Drama 1 And 2 feat. Kissey Asplund

In the meantime, enjoy a fantastic freebie from Melting Pot and Suff Daddy himself, his classic Brewsters, off the newly repackaged +EFIL4FFUS. PROST!

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