Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sir Froderick x Ohbliv Are Sir-Bliv: Wholly Rollers LP

In an email that came a few days before the end of my little blogcation, Sir Froderic hit me w/ this project that he completed w/ a certain Ohbliv. One thing to be certain of, on paper this is an instrumental comp of the highest grade. Both well respected within this environment of beat production, and a collaboration would at the very least come out like the sum of it's parts.
Not only will this comp have that resiny coating one looks for so you can blow those meaningful thick clouds of smoke, but it's also being offered on cassette, you know - for my real ni**az only. Seriously though, cut in a Madlibian sequence, with some tracks going as short as 30 secs, you get to hear those 3-4 key breaks and loops within the tracks that make the moment extra special. 29 tracks deep, there's tons to take in, and all for a $5.

You can scoop it all at the official Future Science bandcamp site.



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