Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Producers #3 Part 3: Dibiase & Danny Drive Thru

I'm not even sure where I was... I may have missed #2 on this one. But I'd been waiting so long, I may have forgotten. Nonetheless, one of my fave series was certainly the famed Producers one from the good ppl over at Fat City Recordings. The 1st to were total classics and the 3rd was slowly coming together (or I was out to lunch - one of the two). Nonetheless, the 3rd instalment has now been leaked and it looks like we have some Danny Drive Thru (love that name) and some classic Dibiase to speak of.
The 4 cut 12" features 3 from a certain Danny Drive Thru, ranging from the hi-fi electronic dance floor tempo, to the lo-fi hilarity of the Virtua Ante Up, 8 bit beat down remake (which has been conveniently re-released on this 12" in case you slept on the #2). As well, maintaining his relationship w/ the label is Dibiase with a smooth Green Llama track for his ardent audience. Nothing but goodness each and every time for that dood. Nothing to say outside of that.

The 12" will be released on Feb 6th 2012. Pls hit up the Fat City Recordings site for additional deets.


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