Thursday, January 5, 2012

MPC: NY Times Story

A few weeks ago the NY Times reported on on the iconic MPC, and some of it's more celebrated users, notably l'enfant terrible, drummer turned MPC Maestro Araab Muzik. Figures I would post this the same night as the unveiling of Akai Pro's new flagship unit.
Nonetheless, an interesting piece from the most unlikely of sources, though it is tough to cover the MPC's significance in such a short piece, and w/o a single video of an Araab Muzik performance, it might be even harder to comprehend what he exactly does. And of all places like NY, the MPC is as ubiquitous in NY as the nubuk/wheat color Timb in the 90s. In a discussion I was having w/ a friend, I felt that Araab Muzik was in his own lane, straddling hip hop, electronic, with a live show that is seldom seen in this beat music scene. So he is now touring excessively, has some responsibility for the MPC's ongoing interest, and is being written up in the NY Times. Cheers.
But as I mentioned previsouly, it's nearly impossible to chat beat music w/o the MPC. Impossible. Regardless, enjoy the piece and comment freely.


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