Friday, January 6, 2012

Morpheground: Enfuse [DWNLD]

Real talk. When I 1st started this beta blog (and yes I call it beta as I feel like I've never launched it), one of the 1st cats I came across was this dude Morpheground. He had sent me this BANGER that do this day, when I play it, guys are just like... WTF IS THIS? Oh this?? My man Morpheground from Italy put this one out. Betweem hearing a ridiculous beat playing, and the words italy, these guys are floored. So, he always gets carte blanche when he sends joints down. So when he emailed me during the holidays, between throwing my cousin's daughter in the air w/ one hand, I answered his email in my other w/ the barackberry™. ;)
Back with record to start the new year of 2012 is Morpheground, with this his new LP ENFUSE.

Enfuse takes again classic style and feel, the ones that I recall so well from his songs like The Most High, and Revolutions, into this LP. Enfuse definitely delineate his deeds as certified and official, with a catalog now spanning 4yrs+ (damn, that long ya??). Again, not the name all have known in the past, but one that need be in your library. The beats are undeniable, and i def look fwd to hearing more from Morpheground this year.

Enfuse is available for a name your price basis now, over at his Bandcamp.



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