Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mark Pritchard: Wiley's Scar & Money Man

Is this a Wiley post or Mark Pritchard news?? Either way, this all comes back to a story I recall Mark Pritchard telling. Wiley was in Oz doing dates some years back, and I guess that he and Mark linked up to talk about/record a few tracks quickly as he was doing dates. He ends up blowing off the dates to keep recording w/ Mark - leaving the show promoters and goers high and dry. Ha.
Well, seeing that some goodies came out of the production sessions, I'm not mad. ;)
These songs have been completed for quite some time. In fact, I've had Scar for so long that I was virtually positive this was out, as some of you might have heard it from me in the past. In anycase, Wiley's work w/ Mark Pritchard has resulted in something in a more classic 4/4 hip hop 90some bpm type bizness. Both Scar and Money Man are to big riddims, that let Wiley just be at his best: uncluttered riddims so you can hear Wiley run his lyrics like the mic mans he is.
His new LP, Evolve Or be Extinct will be out on Big Dada Jan 19th 2012. Mark your calendars (dbl entendre yes).



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