Friday, January 6, 2012

Leonard Dstroy: Attention Deficit High Definition [DWNLD]

Huh?? what? Leonard Dstroy, who put out a banger of LPs a little while back, is kicking off the 2012 brand new. Though he emailed me during the holidays with the full LP and big thanks for that, I needed to start my new years by dropping this in my reader's hands. In fact, I got the call from both Leonard Dstroy and Chief at Elm & Oak, Alex B aka Paper Diamond. Presenting Attention Deficit High Definition.

This Attention Deficit High Definition is just that. This nine track release was written like 9 chapters, each being a little novella it's self. Huh?? what?? Each track was produced by weaving even more tracks together, beats within beats, tracks within track. Huh?? What?? Could this have been a 80 track record? Yes it could have. That might be the only certainty outside of this one: This is dope. It plays like 4/4 bangers from back in the day - that raw sh*t. You can hear that Leonard Dstroy was a student of golden era, infusing that boom bap that's oft missing from some of the beat tapes circulating, quoting and sampling from classic material forgotten or even unknown to these younger and greener beat writers. SAY WRD. YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE. lol. No seriously. Save that Ritalin for someone else, as attention deficit never sounded so good.

You can download Attention Deficit High Definition from the Elm & Oak site here. Here's a little passage from Attention Deficit High Definition for all to enjoy.



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