Thursday, January 12, 2012

Introducing The Akai Pro MPC Studio

In what can be described only as a radical alteration, a transformation of the culture at Akai, we have now been presented another part of their plan to reclaim supremacy in the space of production landscape. They recently unveiled the first part of the plan just a few days past with the MPC Renaisance, and now are showing us a new player on the team.
Overnight, the hardworking ppl at Akai have introduced the newest piece of the puzzle, in their multi pronged approach to reach all the needs of the 2012 producer. The MPC Studio has now been unveiled and, this unit might in fact be their answer to the Maschine.


● Fuses legendary MPC production with the processing power of your computer
● Compact design is less than 1” thin and fits easily into a laptop bag
● MPC SOFTWARE for Mac & PC with 64-track sequencing capability
● 16 backlit genuine MPC pads, legendary MPC workflow & MPC Swing
● USB-powered with low-profile knobs and brushed aluminum body
● Large LCD screen allows you to make tracks without having to look at your computer
● Four touch-sensitive knobs provide enhanced MPC software control

On paper, this seems like the MPD transformed into a proprietary controller for the Akai Pro production software, which is just as much part of the retooling, coming from the company that has been staunch supporter of all things hardware based re: the MPC series. So again, this is meant to plug back to your Mac or PC as you work through with the 64 tracks enabled app.
The sleek look, and now much thinner casing makes things a lot more attractive, INDEED. Wondering if this might also signal the arrival of a new form factor for the MPD. Nonetheless, this is all being unveiled on the heels of NAMM in SoCal. They will surely garner a large slice of the attention that weekend and we look fwd to additional details (like price esp) as they come.

For more info on this unit, pls hit Akai Pro and their MPC Studio page for more.



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