Tuesday, January 10, 2012

GB / Gifted & Blessed: 7 in 24 / Dogon

Brilliance. I can still recall that summer set @ NTS Radio.... Coming from the cat who's got an impressive catalog of great depth and breadth is the 1st release of 2012 from All City and Gifted & Blessed, known as well as GB. The new 12" 7 in 24 / Dogon will feature more of his sagacious sounds, that maturity in music that could only be masterfully delivered by habituated maestros - and that GB is. This 12" features palpitating basslines and beat, adjoining bit crushed melodies, performed with famous 808 kits. Whilst 7 in 24 might be written in a steadier measure, Dogon pushes both pace and patterns.

7 in 24 / Dogon will be out Jan 23rd 2012 on wax w/ download code in all fine record shops. Say wrd.


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