Monday, January 9, 2012

Finest Ego: Mike Gao & Daisuke Tanabe Faces 12 [DWNLD]

2nd releases in this Faces 12" will be the double A side 12" Project Mooncircle from Mike Gao & Daisuke Tanabe. Due out Feb 17th 2012, this release will be a follow up to the 1st which dropped last year, among the several releases from the beat science supportive imprint.
Teaming up what I consider are two music academics, we have a 10 track release from Mike Gao & Daisuke Tanabe, which plays more like an EP allowing each for 5 tracks to display much of their prowess. The result is a quasi esoteric, and even pedantic production delving more in the electronic than the hip hop swing - all welcomed. The 12" plays like an exploration into experimental, combining drum and beat around a central melody. A must listen to the fans. You can listen to and download the sampler below.

The 12" will be out Feb 17th 2012 from Project Mooncircle. Please hit their site for more info.



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