Monday, January 9, 2012

Finest Ego: German Austrian Swiss Comp [DWNLD]

Continuing in their famed Worldwide beat compilation, The good ppl at Project Mooncircle released on Christmas day the German Austrian Swiss (GAS??) beat comp, introducing us to a new league of producers in that corner of the world.

Again, many names here I've come to know in the last few years - Brenk, Hubert Daviz, Comfort Fit, Robot Koch, Suff Daddy and many others, but the 30+ track comp also has some lesser known lads who may have yet to make their mark internationally, and have now been offered a stage to shine on. For anyone who's been following this comp series, this is again a must own as it keeps w/ my long time assertion that the music has been cared for worldwide and the talent is in all corners. You can listen to and download the sampler here below.

The comp is out now. Enjoy.


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