Saturday, January 14, 2012

DJ Adlib: Hi Hat Club v6, Haus & Garten [DWNLD]

The return the GER's famed producers series from Melting Pot Music. This time, we have a certain DJ Adlib with the Hi Hat Club v6, Haus & Garten. Brought to the mic on this record are Black Spade, Declaime, Frank Nitt and Planet Asia, a quasi all west coast sets of guests, though he does share the space w/ a certain Hubert Daviz form around the way. Taking his 10+ yrs of production experience, his expertise shows in the way this still predominantly instrumental plays. This is a hip hop record from top to bottom, and one that finds a nice balance between vocal and beat. Nice. You can download the lead track from the Hi Hat Club v6, Haus & Garten.

Hi Hat Club v6, Haus & Garten by DJ Adlib is available now in digital, and will be shipping vinyl Jan 20 2012. You can buy the album on the bandcamp, as well as the previous Hi Hat Clubs LPs.



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