Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Darkhouse Fam: In & Out EP [DWNLD]


Right from Cardiff come a dynamic duo that I have run my mouth about in the past out here, and much of that great music is now going to make it out on a new EP. Coming from the good ppl over at Earnest Endeavours is the In & Out EP by the Darkhouse Fam.
After staying relatively quiet for the last few and some releases left and right including the iconic Producers Series from Fat City Recordings, Darkhouse Fam is preparing to drop their most significant release. Featuring the likes of Om'Mas Keith of world famous Sa-Ra, and Vanity Jay, this 7 track release will get that back in the mix with that boom bap that got them the deserved buzz previously.


1. Take On The World feat. Om’Mas Keith
2. Red Leather
3. Sticky Trees (Interlude) feat. Vanity Jay
4. Tartan Paint
5. Snaggletooth
6. Like No Other feat. B. Bravo
7. In & Out (Reprise)

Out Feb 27th, 2012, the In & Out EP will be available in all reputable shops, and certainly online as well.

Here's a mix they did for Dazed Magazine. Hold it down.



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