Monday, October 31, 2011

Com Truise: She Melts [DWNLD] EU Tour Dates

Whilst we sit back and get ready to watch Ghostly's Com Truise adeptly ride his synth wave like Laird Hamilton, speeding into towns across EU on this new tour, some of us back in North Am are waiting for the next Komputer Kast (ahem). ;) But you can't be mad at dude's grind ahora. Tons of dates, and really - this is how you put in work in 2011. Say wrd.

But to keep few of us at bay re: this missing Komputer Kast, Com Truise puts out a little goodie for the fans, a quasi tour launch freebie.
She Melts was a track unearthed from the vaults, and out for all to enjoy.

She Melts by Com Truise




Shlohmo: Trapped In a Burning House [VIDEO]

To me, one of the greatest tracks from Shlohmo's exalted Bad Vibes EP now has visual accompaniment as he released just moments ago, the Trapped In A Burning House video. I once described the track as "a dramatic score fraught with dark segments, at times best fitting to visuals from The Grudge", and true to those words, the clip is reminiscent of murderous tales of hollywood horror form the LA producer. Is it coincidence that it drops on Halloween?? I'll let you call it.



RBMA: Erykah Badu Speak With Egon

The lecture is finally up.

Erykha Badu speaks w/ Egon of Now And Again Records for the Red Bull Music Academy. Enjoy.



Eat More Blunt Guts [DWNLD]

I had this bookmarked item that I needed to research. It was this banger from homie heRobust i heard randomly. After a few emails back and forth, he reminded me that he had been slotted on this comp Eat More Blunt Guts. A few clicks later, I was reminded it was curated by cats i've known for a hot min. After looking at the track list, it all made sense. Say wrd.

Eat More Blunt Guts was curated by the good ppl over at Blunt Guts Nation, cats I met originally in MIA and then kept seeing at international events. I last ran into them in MTL in 2009 during this tour I was on with Flying Lotus for RBMA. I know these guys know the time.
So it was no surprise that I heard great material, featuring the likes of UNDA, eLan, heRobust of course, Sir Froderic, AshTreJinkins as well as locals Sunclef + Sylvermayne.

Go ahead and enjoy this comp from some good cats from ATL as it's been made available as a free download.


Dataset Clothing Presents Future Sounds Of San Diego

Something I came across just a few days back was this compilation due to drop from San Diego clothiers Dataset Clothing. Future Sounds Of San Diego is a comp due to drop soon, exclusively from Big Up Magazine showcasing talents coming from the city of San Diego. So often when mentioning bass music, beat music, beat science and all derivatives, we oft think of California, we think of Los Angeles. But San Diego might be sitting unremembered and unrecognized possibly due LA's long shadow. This comp is here to clear that smoke, and shed some light what's happening in the coastal city. Enter Dataset Clothing to show us the ways with Future Sounds Of San Diego.

Featured will be some names that we're certain you've come across like eLan and Mike Gao, and others that I know I'm now discovering.


Hippie Sabotage – The Heist
Puppy Kicker – Something Swanky
Nino Señeris – You Know
Mastah Syphe – 40oz Bounce
eLan – What’s Up Now
Elk Beats – Gravitron
Sleeve – Telepathicrisis
Misk – Snot Sonata
Dj Pound – Paved Paths (RMX Instrumental)
Mike Gao – Nice and Easy
Miguex – Snoop & Pharrell – Let’s Get Blown (RMX)
EshOne – Metals and Solids
88:88 – Dub Hop
HMT. DM.T – Breakfast Hash
Austin Speed – Arcadia
DNGone – Torqux – Psycopath [RMX]
Griefshare – Tomorrowland of Broken Worlds
Illuminauts – Animo!
Dusty Nix & LEIF(kolt) – The Binary Code

Be sure to check with Dataset Clothing for more info on the Future Sounds Of San Diego comp and drop dates.


RBMA: Dilla Was A Scientist - Badu [VIDEO]

Toying with our emotions, the Red Bull Music Academy release a 2nd teaser/trailer to what has certainly become one of the most anticipated lecture videos to hit the innanet. Erykah Badu speaks on a moment working with the mighty Dilla.



Friday, October 28, 2011

Pixelord: Fish Touch (Kid Kanevil rmx) [VIDEO]

Quickly making the rounds has been a video for the Fish Touch single released earlier this year by Pixelord and the good ppl over at Error Broadcast. Of the several remixes on the EP, the Kidkanevil edit is the one featured in these moving pictures. And once again, here's proof that there's massive value in something shot with little $ and long as the idea's fresh.




Cosmopolyphonic Radio 27 [DWNLD]

New show is up from the most famous CPR crew.


01.Onra - A New Dynasty - All City
02.Pigeondust - wrong matters - White
03.Kaidi Tatham - Dyno - jazz re:freshed
04.Keita Sano - SPA FR Lo DOWN - White
05.Crooked Human - Hoppin Poppin - White
06.quarta330 - nagagutsu - Onkyovizion / disques corde
07.nuts - nova - Onkyovizion / disques corde
08.sauce81 - listen_to_me - Onkyovizion / disques corde
09.Tall Black Guy VS Michael Jackson - Thrill Seeker
10.Sarah Linhares - Other Side (Prod. Camplaix) -
11.Innobushu - Kombucha - FreeForm Records
12.RLP - Kreeep - DISKOTOPIA
13.patten - Blush mosaic - No Pain In Pop
14.Negghead & K'Bonus - Harmonizing Pt.1 - Compost Black Label
15.Fujimoto Tetsuro - Reflections - Bagpak
16.Vindahl - Sometimes - Tokyo Dawn Records

As usual, a very well curated podcast. You can download the show, and simply subscribe to the podcast in a myriad of ways. Make sure you hit them up.

Domo arigato Cosmopolyphonic Radio crew. .


RBMA: Erykah Badu [VIDEO]

A teaser of the Red Bull Music Academy lecture w/ Erykah Badu, moderated by Egon of Now And Again fame.

Here's to looking fwd to the full lecture...


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Afta1: Live At The Loft [VIDEO] [STREAM]

LIve At The Loft. An invite only event that showcases handpicked talent for an intimate and interactive night. Recorded on Hi Def cameras and audio, you're able to relive the highlights of the event afterwards.
They recently had none other than Afta1 over for what I must assume was one of the more intimate nights. Relive the night as the audio was just posted for all to stream.
Hold your girl close.



Joker's The Vision Is Here [DWNLD] [VIDEO]

A few years ago, I sat in front of the local shop MOOG Audio with Xi and had a long discussion on music. We spent a bit of time speaking on dubstep and I offered my opinion as someone who loved the art, but was certainly on the outside looking in. I told him that the sound was ripe for a windfall in America. I simply felt it was ready to break out, and there would need to be ambassadors to take it from it's rooted underground to a more popular level. Proof was the night I was given a guest slot at a popular hip hop and R&B night, and ended my set w/ a touch of melodic dubstep. To my shock and awe, I got some applause. That was a groundbreaking moment.
FFWD to present day, a lesser form of the sound may have taken sudden hold in America as James Blake pointed out, but there is room for truer sounds to emerge.
Enter ambassador Joker.
The Bristol badman, who had a slew of scintillating releases and had certainly shot to the top of the chain, and was one of the more recognized names. So, with dubstep's momentum, it was time for the young genius to take the sound of that Bristol bounce to a whole new audience, and the timing could not be better.
Due to land on North American shores will be Joker's LP: The Vision

Much of this had been circulating the internet for some time, but I thought the time was right to throw a post up, to a man's sound a full respected. Ironically, when Joker's 1st single dropped, I wasn't so enamored - until I heard the mans on Anti Social run it on Rinse FM, and it suddenly the beat blossomed right before my ears. That classic 140 with palatable vocals, a sound that was primed for wider acceptance and success, as proven by the likes of Katy B and Magnetic Man. as one example.
But amongst the half dozen or so vocal tracks on the The Vision, you still have much of the bottom rattling low end, and silvery sound that propelled Joker's rise, a sound which was heard on classics - and now a LP track - like on TRON.

[download] via 4AD


1. Intro
2. Here Come The Lights [featuring Silas (Turboweekend)]
3. Tron
4. The Vision (Let Me Breathe) [featuring Jessie Ware]
5. Milky Way
6. Level 6 (Interlude)
7. My Trance Girl
8. Lost [featuring Buggsy & Otis Brown]
9. On My Mind [featuring William Cartwright]
10 Back In The Days [featuring Buggsy, Shadz, Scarz & Double (KHK-SP)]
11. Electric Sea [featuring Jay Wilcox]
12. The Magic Causeway [Joker & Ginz Outro]

You can stream the whole record over at Fader right now, and pre orders of the LP will also get instrumental versions of the vocal tracks. SAY WRD.

The Vision by Joker drops from 4AD on Halloween in EU but on Nov 8th 2011 in North America.


RBMA: Addison Groove Speaks w/ Emma Warren [VIDEO]

As the lecture videos start to surface on the inna-net, we are able to witness some of the best programming and curating out there. Just yesterday, the morning after a playing a night in Madrid, the Red Bull Music Academy couch hosted Addison Groove, also known to many as HeadHunter and né Antony WIlliams, in a 90 min conversation - run by the distinguished music journalist and long time RBMA associate Emma Warren. This just popped up moments ago, so sit back relax, and listen to Mr Footcrab speak on juke music, how African music exercised it's influenced in his production, the early days of dubstep and watch him bang out a few demos on the perennial production box that is the Roland TR-808 or 808 for short.




Wednesday, October 26, 2011

fLako: Carving Away The Clay EP

Long time producer and arranger fLako is once again dropping goodies. Gone are the random beat tapes, in are the releases, the remixes and the singles. And next on the plate is an EP release from the Chilean born Londoner who spent some formative years in Germany.

Carving Away The Clay EP will be released Nov 7th 2011 as a 10" form the good ppl over at Project Mooncircle.
This mostly instrumental EP has an obscure bright brass opening, which eventually sees more musical parts introduced, coming together in rhythmic slow flow unison of live instruments and big drum sound as heard on Broken Toy. We're also treated a honeyed ballad of voice, drum and keys on Lonely Town, showcasing the mysterious Dirg Gerner (as heard this on the weekend's Alexander Nut show), and range not oft seen from others coming from the beat science side of town.

1. Broken Toy
2. Inner Trouble
3. Lonely Town Ft. Dirg Gerner
4. Relief

Carving Away The Clay snippet.

fLako's Carving Away The Clay EP is Out Nov 7th 2011. Check Project Mooncircle for more details.



Africa Hitech: EP + North American Tour [DWNLD]


I've been waiting for this day for some time. After numerous requests for this to happen, it is. African Hitech is finally coming to America. The sound that has garnered the respect from the most respected across EU, is finally coming to North American soil. Africa Hitech was last here in 2007 - in Toronto in fact, long before the Africa Hitech outfit was made official, and even before the Harmonic 313 LP.
But they are now scheduled to return for official African Hitech bizness. In support of the fantastic 93 Million Miles LP which dropped earlier this year, and a brand new EP due to drop in November 8th 2011, Do U Really Wanna Fight which will be a re edit of the LP cut.
More importantly, it will carry a few b-sides, one of which was a track which has been featured on a few Africa Hitech podcasts, but was more fascinating as it was created on an iPhone. Swair was part of a batch of tracks which were produced by Steve Spacek with the myriad of music apps available to iOS users. He even went into some detail in a recent article. I still recall asking Mark Pritchard for info about the track when I 1st heard it earlier this year, and he went into details letting me know Steve had been experimenting tons w/ several iPhone apps, to such a degree of success that they have plans on releasing more. In fact, I believe the Sonar x Bleep exclusive earlier this year was likely another one.


'Do U Really Wanna Fight' digital single
Release Date: 11/8/11

01. Do U Really Wanna Fight
02. Silencer Riddim
03. Swair
04. Do U Really Wanna Fight (Instrumental)

The Africa Hitech North American tour dates are as follows:

10-Nov New York - (Le) Poisson Rouge w/ Sepalcure and Mux Mool
11-Nov Detroit - The Works w/ Mux Mool
13-Nov Austin - Barcelona w/ Mux Mool
16-Nov Minneapolis - Barfly w/ Lazer Sword
17-Nov Chicago - Smartbar
18-Nov Montreal - Cabaret du mile end
19-Nov Buffalo - DBGB w/DJG
23-Nov San Juan, PR - Red Shield Music Hall
24-Nov Toronto - The Drake Underground
25-Nov Denver - Beta Nightclub w/ Dibiase
27-Nov Los Angeles - Bardot w/ Clicks and Whistles
28-Nov Seattle - Chop Suey w/ Clicks and Whistles
29-Nov Sacramento - Townhouse
30-Nov Eureka - Nocturnum
01-Dec San Francisco - Venue TBD
02-Dec Portland - Holocene
03-Dec Vancouver - W2 Media Cafe w/Dibiase

And for those who've not had the pleasure of hearing or seeing them play live (like myself), here's a podcast of a visit to the Rinse FM studios dating from this year during an EU tour. Not only did this mix feature a pile of exclusives, but also heard within the mix was Swair, with Spacek dropping a few hints during the set. Amazing.

Africa Hitech - Live At Rinse FM May 23rd 2011

[download] right click

The Do U Really Wanna Fight EP will be out Nov 8th 2011, and be sure to check your local listings for all deets re: the their North American tour.



RBMA: Young Guru Speaks With Chairman Mao [VIDEO]

As some of you know, the Red Bull Music Academy is off and running in Madrid since Sunday past. And the guest lectures by the esteemed have started. One of the 1st to hit the most famous couch is Roc A Fella's Young Guru.
The youngest in charge who's had what might be the most important job out there: engineering Jay-Z's sound, among many other giants in the hip hop game. In his mid twenties, he started to look after Jay's sound, and now 12 yrs later, he's still controlling the timber of Jay's voice, kick and snare.
Chairman Mao sat with him to discuss all things. Here's quick excerpt of the the whole lecture, conducted by none other than Chairman Mao

Le sigh. I miss the academy. Shouts to Chairman Mao. [via EgoTrip]


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Revolution In Sound: Benji B Quartet [STREAM]

During the last stop of the Red Bull Music Academy world tour, I spoke of the tour de force that was in having the London Eye taken over for a colossal curation. One of my fave pods was Benji B's as he took it over, playing w/ a string quartet. As I predicted, it was all archived and the whole show is available to listen to all over again.



Onra: A New Dynasty [DWNLD]

Building up to the All City release of Chinoiseries pt 2, Onra gives up a freebie, a quasi appetizer to settle everyone's craving for the follow up to a criminally overlooked record, Chinoiseries.

New Dynastry - Onra


Nov 15th 2011 is the street date for Chinoiseries pt 2. TORONTO, I have a surprise to announce.... stay locked. ;)


Rinse FM: Alexander Nut ft Dirg Gerner

This past weekend, Alexander Nut's show was multi course meal of soul food featuring classic dishes as well as some very new ones including a worldwide exclusive. Guest for this show was the little known Dirg Gerner, set to release some material via the Ho_Tep label. He played a macédoine of magnificent music, much of it exclusive for the RInse FM listeners. Brilliant.
Relive the 2 hr special, listen and download to your delight.

Alexander Nut ft guest Dirg Gerner - Rinse FM Oct 22 2011

[download] right click

You cab grab other podcasts from Rinse FM here.



Monday, October 24, 2011


Toronto musicians and rising stars BADBADNOTGOOD had a little recording session before the recent sold out Odd Future show in Toronto with the man with biblical following Tyler The Creator. What resulted went a little something like this....

Tight. Could there be a live band in the oddest and most futuristic man's future?? Chemistry was there.. And apparently, this went down in one take - take that Jigga man.

Update. Unbeknownst to me, Tyler The Creator knows how to tickle the ivory as well. Say wrd. THIS is big indeed.



Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Royalty: Purple Nights EP [DWNLD]

I would listen to Alex Nut's show and hear these shouts: Chesca Ches, Yorke Beats, Five Easy Pieces. I would be just confused... and keep it moving. Eventually, I found out that Yorke Beats and Chesca Ches were Royalty. Then one day, he had Chesca Ches play a set as a special guest on the show.
It blew my mind. I actually tweeted that it had been one of the best shows - and Alex has some great ones.
In any case, about 1 hr ago, she tweeted something about a forthcoming EP from FIve Easy Pieces called Purple Nights.

Awesome news. Better yet, she posted a teaser for said EP.

Royalty - Purple Nights EP Teaser by .ROYALTY.

This follow up to their 1st self titled ep is more of that funk, throw back to banging tempos and melodies, or what they are calling new boogie and should fire up some dance floors from the UK to Italy and back to our side of the pond. Midway through the teaser, I had some flashbacks of that fantastic show Chesca Ches did w/ Alex Nut which featured a pile of exclusives. To be honest, it was on of my fave mixes this year. I played it tons at home, riding... on and on. Only right that I left you have it - again.

Mixed Nuts || Alex Nut w/ Chesca (Royalty) on Rinse FM


Out Nov 21st 2011, the Purple Nights EP from Royalty will be one to check for. ;)



Fulgeance: London Falling

Such a good dude. Fulgeance has been working his MPC 2000 to full capacity. Memory maxed out w/ the 8 outs. He's kept the production of his bass music sound as traditional as possible whilst adding on his unique twists, and as seen no need to upgrade. In fact, if you're lucky enough to catch one of his shows, he'll have an assortment of pieces: from 2 MPCs to and MPD x MPC set up... But the idea of striking 16 pads is ingrained.

After releases on several labels across EU and even one under an aliased Peter Digital Orchestra, Fulgeance returns to that bass sound that got him the profile from the early days of Musique Large. Nov 11th 2011 will park his 1st release from Melting Pot Music All Of You, his 1st full length surprisingly. This 10 track release is a dedication to all is fans, the ones that have followed his live manipulation of tracks live over the years, at events from Run Vie to Low End Theory.

Leading off will be London Falling, a slow flow bassy riddim with a deep synth, produced à la chopped and screwed, seasoned w/ a requisite finely sliced vocals.

London Falling by fulgeance


Side One
1. La Cite Des Anges
2. Hiver Normand
3. Glasgow Lunacy
4. Vilnius Bump
5. Montefalco Mato

Side Two
6. London Falling
7. Sweet Sofia
8. One for Bestown
9. Espresso Fredda (I Athina einai teleia)
10. Tokyo Blue Nostalgia

For those buying digital and CD, you'll be treated to some remixes as bonus.

Bonus tracks
11. Hiver Normand (Josip Klobucar Remix)
12. London Falling (Brokenchord Remix)
13. Vilnius Bump (Brokenchord Remix)
14. Vilnius Bump (Baron Retif & Mousepad Remix)
15. Sweet Sofia (1000names Remix)
16. Tokyo Blus Nostalgia (Yosi Horikawa Remix)

All Of You will be released Nov 11th 2011 on Melting Pot Music.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Lapti: First Date [DWNLD]

Russian Lapti resurfaces and sends a new one out for the listeners via his soundcloud account. More importantly for me, I'm glad to see him come back out following what was a house fire that had obviously could have ended much more tragically. But he is seemingly back and has found time to release a little something.
Enjoy this super slow flow banger, First Date.

Lapti - First date by Lapti


RBMA Revolution In Sound: Benji B Quartet [VIDEO]

So last week as the closing night of the Red Bull Music Academy World, with the last night taking place in London. In what has been described as a phenomenal tour de force, the good ppl at the RBMA curated a music event at the London's iconic London Eye, using the gondola/pods as mini venues. Each pod having it's own act and spinning around as the performances took place. And, to boot, all pods were being streamed live via their website.
One pod in particular however was also being streamed by the good ppl over at Boiler Room, and that was Benji B's featuing his recently founded quartet.

Benji B played a live set, and the quartet complimented the sound w/ symphonies superimposed. The stream took over my HD screen, and was blessed with not a single hiccup. Amazing. But hearing big riddims with a strings refix?? THAT was epic. You had to see it. I'm imagining that this was archived and justly so. Looking fwd to seeing it again. And again. And again. But there was some footage of course, and I found a few clips.



Brenk Sinatra: Wolves 2 (Still Hungry) [VIDEO]

With his Gumbo II LP now available, we get a video from the Viennese producer Brenk. Wolves 2 (Still Hungry), and ode to B movies features a bangin' A side. Get your popcorn and let your girl hold your arm. Enjoy. ;)


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mndsgn: Daypass

Dropped just a few days passed was another EP from the one called Mndsgn. What more can you say?? More magic really form the new jersey cat who's now living in in SoCal. Dappass is more of what we love from Mndsgn, well crafted material. Period. 5 tracks for you to absorb, until the likely next drop in the next few months. $5. Can't be mad at that.

You can scoop it at his Mndsgn's bandcamp.



Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Robot Koch: The Other Side [DWNLD] [VIDEO]


I've been longing to chat about Robot Koch music and hadn't. But had not one to blame but myself. But no better time than present would you not say??
For the well versed, you all know that Robot Koch, producer par excellence is part of a trio called Jahcoozi - which is how I came across him. This Red Bull Music Academy grad has a discography the length of a roll of wallpaper, and is now adding to it w/ his 3rd full length release, 2nd this year: The Other Side

The this new release from the Project Mooncircle label can be described as music for the mature listener, with tempos and measures best enjoyed for ppl who digest the electronic sans pills and chemical thrills. Well developed sequences, pieces of music that transition with flawless fluidity - marks of the musical marksman that is Robot Koch.
The project features a few wonderful vocal tracks, but for the most part will take listeners on a interstellar instrumental expedition, displaying dexterity over digital one would expected from such a doyen.

And as a bonus, you can download Lights courtesy of XLR8R.

Robot Koch's LP The Other Side is out now. Hit up Project Mooncircle for more deets.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Onra: Chinoiserie pt 2 [VIDEO]

A day removed for my birthday, I wake up to some of the best news. Word of Onra's next release, Chinoiseries Pt 2 is traveling through the internet as fast as the new iPhone 5. But this is real. ;)
Onra's has been one of my faves from jump. Long before his break out LP Long Distance, before his stint at the Red Bull Music Academy, he had released some powerful music, including a slept on Chinoiseries.
But for those that went a little too heavy on the Nyquil, your moment of atonement has arrived: Chinoiseries Pt 2 will be released November 15th 2011 on All City.
For anyone who speaks/understand French, this title has ALWAYS made me smile. Roughly translated: Chinese stuff. Ever better, this Chinese stuff is coming from a French Vietnamese producer on an Irish label. ;)
ANYHOW, here's a trailer of what will be a highly anticipated record... And the still of the youtube alone had me excited. Let the MPC SING!

More to come...


Friday, October 7, 2011

Another Dimension: Jellyfish Recordings [DWNLD]

In what can be described as desultory digital drifting (surfing the net), I stumbled upon this compilation on bandcamp. Another Dimension, was released by the ppl at Jellyfish Recordings as a fund raiser The Arts Umbrella which is an arts education company based in Vancouver, after basic label operating costs were covered. Vancouver?? Nice. Was very pleased to see more popping form the west as I oft wondered what was taking place in the west coast.

Overseen and A&R'ed by Eli Muro who also performs under Headspace, this was released as a follow up to the 2010 compilation. All acts on the comp are Canadian outside of one from Switzerland (Chief), and showcase the growing scene in the west coast for that 90 some bpm beat science sound. Say wrd.

The compilation is available on a name your price deal. Scoop it right up at their bandcamp, and support the arts!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bilal's Levels [VIDEO] [DWNLD]

In a event that passed under my radar, a video from Bilal and the good ppl @ Plug Research. A video that was finished several months ago, but has recently gained tons of play - in fact 5k of it's 8k views yesterday alone.
In his directorial debut, Flying Lotus shot this video for Bilal. We all know that FlyLo went to school for film, and ended up revolutionizing this music. But he's maintain his connection w/ the moving pictures artform, and now has slowly been working his way back in to his 1st love. Presenting the video to one of my fave songs, available on the Levels 12"

And as a bonus, Plug Research has let loose one of the remixes.




Black Star on Colbert [VIDEO]

Last night, Talib Kweli and Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def) were on Colbert as Black Star, a reunion almost 15 yrs after they dropped the classic debut.
Backed by world famous beat junkie, Stones Throw's J-Rocc, they performed a brand new banger Fix Up. Enjoy. [via COS]


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Red Bull Music Academy Event Schedule 2011

With the Red Bull Music Academy dates creeping slowly, and flights all planned, a schedule has now been released to the public, ahead of what will be 5 magnificent weeks in Madrid Spain.
Many of the names listed are long time friends of the RBMA, others new to the format, and some are still unannounced and will be unveiled as a surprise guests.
But there are some bombshells worth immediate mentions, such as Erykha Badu, Clams Casino and Global Commincation!

Head over to the Red Bull Music Academy site for the full details, and start making your plans! ;)


Mizz Beats: Scientific Brainpriest

I've always professed that you can never deny a melody. Period. That's the one thing that I always took from Mizz Beats' music and man (or woman), did she ever lace another one.
Due for a Oct 17th release from the good ppl over @ Eglo Records is a the 12" featuring some newness from said HBIC (head badgyal in charge) Mizz Beats.
Scientific Brainpriest is some 140 bizness that actually rides more like a slow 70, steadily building to a scintillating synth solo mid way thru the 6 some minute oeuvre. The B side will see a re release of a track Pimpin, previously available only on white label.

Scientific Brainpriest

Scientific Brainpriest will be out Oct 17th 2011. Check Eglo Records for more details.


Dirg Gerner: Rubies & Diamonds ft Fatima

Ho Tep has once again unearthed a treasure from it's coffers. Emerging in it's full luster and shine is Dirg Gerner of origins unknown. Similar to his unveiling of ARP 101, very little details were available other than the fact that Dirg Gerner includes long time producer fLako. That's it.
Due for a Oct 31 2011 releases, the Preface EP will feature the likes of Rahel, Fatima and Olmino, drawing on soul, jazz, latin, hip hop and beyond on the 5 track release. Word is that lyrics were even written in papyrus.
Rubies & Diamonds ft Fatima is a beautifully slow ballad with these echoing keys and chords floating up and down the sequence, all produced in with a stellar simplicity embracing the soul of yesteryears in a 2011 like sonata.

Rubies & Diamonds ft Fatima

Stay tuned for more.


B Bravo: Kiss N Tell EP

There aren't too many records like this. Fun. Radiant. Bouncy. Idk. Every time I listen to some B Bravo, I simply smile. And you likely will as well.
Coming from the good ppl over @ Earnest Endeavors is their inaugural release Kiss N Tell EP, from Red Bull Music Academy grad and bay area Frite Nite's B Bravo

B Bravo showed up on the radar some time back with an indie release Computa Love: a classic throw back to the days of funk, ballads and talk box (one that I PROUDLY played a pile). He has since had relases from Brownswood, and Insect Records, with several remixes commissioned as well. On Oct 24th 2011, the Kiss In Tell EP will be releases from EU's Earnest Endeavors to massive anticipation.
I've had the chance of seeing B Bravo rock it live and the talented keyboardist/producer radiates like the sunshine state he reps, bringing much of that afore mentioned bounce and love to the music. Again, I listen to this and just have visions of drop tops, car full of ladies driving down the PCH, on my way to LA to meet more fine ladies. LOL. Say wrd. Listen to clips of that sound that has made it onto Dam Funk's list of faves and mixes...

B. Bravo - Kiss 'n' Tell EP // Teaser by Earnest Endeavours


A1. Kiss ‘n’ Tell feat. Zackey Force Funk
A2. Right On Time feat. The Gent$
B1. Substance feat. Lady Alma
B2. Swang
B3. Right On Time (Synth Dub)

Make sure you check for B Bravo's Kiss N Tell EP, Oct 24th 2011 worldwide on Earnest Endeavors.


Kendrick Lamar & Nosaj Thing [DWNLD] [VIDEO]

You don't often get tasteful ad campaigns with some of your faves. They're out there, but the few that come to mind were some of the early ones w/ Sprite (classics with Grand Puba et al) and a more recent one that I personally loved feat Ye, Luda and Game for Boost Mobile - both versions.
Enter a new one for Microsoft. Kendrick Lamar and Nosaj Thing get together in a all Cali collaboration for Windows Mobile. Kendrick's been buzzing heavy, but the Nosaj Thing inclusion is what caught my eye. On top of that, he was one of my faves all last year. Solid dude.

Enjoy this Nosaj produced track (and a dope one) featuring Kendrink Lamar, courtesy of Microsoft and Windows Mobile.




Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rustie: Glass Sword [STREAM]

Lucky Me's Rustie is one week from finally dropping his debut LP Glass Swords from Warp. Just days past from shining for the animated crowd @ the Culture Clash in Toronto, we got to hear much of what is due to take control of many an iPod in the ecosphere.

So for 1 week, Glass Swords will be streaming for a whole week over at The Guardian. Head over asap!


Jazz NeverSleeps ft JtotheC [VIDEO]

On Point Records drops a sophomore selection from Jazz NeverSleeps with a lead featuring J To The C on vocals. A slow beat ballad, stripped down to it's most bare elements (not dissimilar to the cutie in the video), we have a hard snare, synth and soothing voice with a recapitulated refrain.


1. Take Care Of u ft JtotheC
2. Diepgank
3. [Hidden Track]

Limited to 300 units, this 12" will be hand numbered and will also feature a digi download code for a Lost&Found Sketches mix. Cool.

You can get more info here, including all ordering deets (physical and digital).


Ras G: Coto Loco: [DWNLD]

Ras G and the African Space Program are a force to be reckoned with. For one who's been to space base, the only things you can do is blow smoke in the air and make beats. And make beats he does, at a dizzying pace. So much so, Ras G's been known to let so loose for his fans just for the sport.
Coto Loco is one he's let loose on his fans after getting a sack of trees. Say wrd.

COTO LOCO... by Ras_G



Monday, October 3, 2011

The Other Cosmos [DWNLD]

How did I get here?? I'm still not sure. You know how you can start on twitter and find yourself in facebook 7 clicks later?? Or you started answering an FB message and then suddenly find your self listening to new sh*t from someone you don't know, whilst the cursor stays blinks (albeit to the beat) 17 words into your reply?
Something like that happened Sunday. Enter The Other Cosmos.
Young cat from LA who's in an 4 piece indie band playing the axe. But finds time to work on a side electronic project that he calls The Other Cosmos. Lunar Trill was the 1st joint I heard, and in fact was the one that sold me. But he's got a few more to tuck away for later. +, he's also the co author of this one that has been circulating the underground, which eventually made it's way to Flying Lotus' HD - and he played it for all who were @ Eagle Rock this weekend.... something about 'I think i'm fly-ing-lot-us..." LOL.

Anyhow. The Other Cosmos. Enjoy.

Lunar Trill by TheOtherCosmos

sidechainkilla(full) by TheOtherCosmos


Manifesto x RBMA Culture Clash Picture Essay

As many of you know, the Manifesto Festival x Red Bull Music Academy Culture Clash took place a week ago, and featured a four crew clash, and old school battle royal which featured the talents of Lucky Me vs Toronto All Stars vs Mad Decent vs Afrika Bambaataa. Pretty epic night that ended with the Toronto All Stars taking the cake. Home field advantage? Who knows. Regardless, the night was all lights, TONS of camera and piles of action.
I'll let the stellar photog David Lang tell you how it went in his eyes.

Warning, there are quite a few pics here. But I have lightbox installed. Here's how it works: once you click one photo, you can cycle and navigate through the rest by EITHER using your left and right arrow keys OR the N (for next) or P (for previous). Or just scroll down the page. As you wish.

Ok. Enjoy.

Again, shouts to David Lang for the stellar work.

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