Friday, September 30, 2011

Freeform's Waveform Compilation

There certainly isn't dearth of compilations right now. They seem to be popping up left, right, center and along the Z axis as well. ;)
But be it the product is there, but so is the demand. Music fans are turning a new leaf daily, and this beat scene is one of the newest beneficiaries.
Artist owned and operated FreeForm Records has now released a new comp for the listeners.

Featuring some of the known names from this environment as well as some less familiar ones, this 20 track beat bouillabaisse will spotlight on the sound that has been known to straddle the line between jazz, hip hop w/ pinches of electronic to flavor, but will always make all heads bob with that non quantized swing.

It's available starting today. Hit the bandcamp for more deets.



Om Unit: Corridor (Kromestar Classroom Seven mix) [DWNLD]

You may may have heard it on the odd mix, radio show here and there, but it's now been pushed out as a freebie.
Om Unit's The Corridor EP which was released earlier this year, commissioned a remix of the title track by mate and now label mate Kromestar. Can you say, #FTW?

Just grab it whilst it's still up. Go.


ARP 101 Groove/U

ARP 101 is in the building.

Dude has been a little quiet. All good. As I love to get great news from cats I've not heard from for a min. We had the chance to sit and chat back in the summer when he was in Toronto on un-ARP101 related matters but he promised to come back to rock soon. In the interim, I first got an email in August with new music, and word of a new EP. Nice. Then came the last one just a few weeks back and more details. So here they are:

From Eglo Records is the once ordained secret weapon (yes) as Alex Nut once described him on his show, ARP 101. Returning with a 3 track EP, our fave producer of throwback bangers quietly comes in with another formidable release. ARP 101's new 12" conjures images of old club scenes of Lee jeans, silk shirts, oversized shades, Monte Carlos and speeding Stingrays with music pumping out of 808s and harmonies from the vocoder. Charming chords, deft drum programming and luscious leitmotif dominate throughout the tracks. One of my faves form this 12" is the slowed U, which has the feel of a slow james more than double time bizness, in a Computa Love from B Bravo type feel. If you've not picked up ARP 101 pieces in the past, let this one serve as baptism.

U by ARP▲101


2. Groove.
3. True.

This is apparently out now on wax on Eglo Records, and I predict will be available in the next week or so on digital.



Anti Social Show 24-9-2011 [DWNLD]

In the last year, this show has become part of my saturday ritual. Up from 8h EST, I usually lock into Rinse FM to catch Alex Nut, Angie B and then at 12h EST (17h GMT in London) comes the Anti Social show with mans like DJ Jay 5ive. A great mix of 90bpm, right up to the 140 type bizness with a pile of exclusives.
Although available for a few weeks on the Rinse FM site, archived for perpetuity are the shows on their Mixcloud page. The most recent show from Sept 24 2011 and is available. Again, you can hit his Mixcloud page for the full track listing.




Kromestar: Parallel Sounds EP


I can't begin to tell you HOW LONG i've been looking fwd to getting a hold on this. Coming from the entrails of Om Unit's Cosmic Bridge Recordings, is the 2nd release from the young start up featuring Kromestar on the buttons. This is where I have to tip my hats off to radio. I would always hear some of this newness played on Anti Social's radio show on Rinse and was hooked. Now, it's coming out November 7th 2011. Amazing.


A1. Don't Make Sense
A2. 2012
B1. In 2 Minds
B2. Outer Limits (ft Team Starfleet)

Crystal clarity, sharp drums, irresistible melodies, all in sequence on Kromestar's stellar Parallel Sounds EP. From the tremendous 4/4 banger that is Don't Make Sense, to that planetary piece that is Outer Limits, this EP will be one to get a hold of - no questions. Parallel Sounds EP is due November 7th 2011. Another strong release from Cosmic Bridge Recordings.


Timeless Remixed EP [DWNLD]

Earlier this year, the famed Timeless series featuring the Suite For Ma Dukes recording of the legendary show in LA was released to both audio and video by the good ppl at Mochilla. Following shortly after was the 1st sign that a remix EP was coming out. Well, that time is now upon us.
Although released to vinyl quietly in August 2011, this week the digital has dropped and is now available worldwide.

This Composer/Arranger Series (Remixed) will feature reworks from Te'Amir, Georgia Anne Muldrow, King Britt, Jneiro Jarel, Black Spade and Mario C.& Joey A. Certainly a must for the fans of Mochilla, let alone the admirers of the sound/Dilla. And speaking of Mr Yancey, you can still scoop Georgia Anne Muldrow's edit of Untitled/Fantastic which also featured a little lad called Nokware.

[download] courtesy of Giant Step

You can now get the EP on digital here, and still order the shiny platic (wax) from Mochilla.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

4TRK Mind: Exile [VIDEO]

Coming soon from Exile:


Rom-Dos: Running Up That Hill [DWNLD]

So in the last few days, I've been making a mental list of tracks I would reinterpret for my own listening pleasure, but also feel would make for a very interesting project. I found myself listing groups w/ hits form the 80s and 90s - I was and still am a sucker for a hot melody. So, when I perused some bookmarked tweets and came across this one from Non Projects, I had to stop.

Running Up That Hill (Tearing You Asunder) by ROM-DOS


Awesome. For anyone who might recall the original Kate Bush track from 1985, you can hear all the endearing elements of the original, but in a 2011 package of soothing schmaltzy and saccharine synths. New Non Projects?? Hope so.



James Pants: Pants Beats [2001-2007] [DWNLD]


James Pants is that dude. Not seen or heard form him in a little. I mean, he came through Toronto quite a few times as he was releasing his works w/ Stones Throw. Saw him in MIA for WMC, then was in SPA for Sonar and then poof. Hadn't heard form dude in a min. But then last week, I locked into his 1st appearance at BoilerroomTV and that was - as expected - wild. More wild was the BoilerromTV host calling him James Blake incessantly. #fail.
Nonetheless, just a few days past, this beat tape archive was unearthed.

If you've heard or seen James Pants rawk out, this beat tape will make all the sense: sounds, loops all as nonconformist as his shows, which is the real beauty of it.

This is in fact a refreshing little batch of beats (all 32) for fans to enjoy. And by the sounds of it, there might be much more coming. You can scoop it over @ the Stones Throw site.


Mad Hop vol 3 [VIDEO] [DWNLD]

Le web is so crazy! There's nothing better than catching a compilation in it's 3rd of 4th installment. ;) Makes you realize how much is out there (cue in dreams of starting your own label/imprint). But, there will always be the element of discovery which is priceless. Caught wind of this comp from a tweet earlier today, and low and behold... Mad Hop v3.

V3?? Where have I been?? Nonetheless, what we have here is a classic glitchy, hip hop reinterpretation of the new sound that has emerged world wide. And we do mean world wide. This Mad Hop v3 compilation features talent from all corners of the world, including little Canada [insert blushing face]. Names, like Huess, Pixelord, Lambent and Powell (UK, RU, GER and FRA) alone take you across several borders, but the sound is as unified as the UN: beat music.

Here's a promo video of the Mad Hop v3

You can go ahead and download the comp and enjoy.


Naive Machine - Robot Ramification [VIDEO]

In support of the EP that dropped just last month, Naive Machine serves up a video.

No quite as threatening as the Terminator, but fresh none the less. In fact, you can watch a few more vids from the Hit And Hope Records act on the youtube channel.



Wednesday, September 28, 2011

XXXY: Kerpow b/w Down Wit U [DNLWD]

Three weeks past, got a lovely 12" in the email. Coming from money making Manchester by birth, but now London taxpayer is xxxy and his new 12" through Dublin's own All City Records in what is a one off from the famed label. Xxxy, who is off to Madrid very shortly as a 2011 participant for the Red Bull Music Academy, had come to my attention through some previeous remix work. In what is a growing discography comes this tempo'ed 12", fresh with hand drawn artwork.


1. Kerpow
2. Down Wit U.

XXXY - Kerpow / Down Wit U (ACOO12xB) by allcitydublin

You can enjoy Kerpow as a free download, by grabbing the UNCLASSIFIED comp from Adult Swim.


Adult Swim Presents UNCLASSIFIED [DWNLD]

In what is a nod to bass culture/bass music, Adult Swim and Scion A/V present UNCLASSIFIED. An 18 track compilation which features some more of the notable names in the scene along w/ some newer ones to fans to enjoy.

Featured: Ikonika, xxxy, Untold, GEIOM, Ginz, Lukid, Starkey, Sbtrkt, Actress, Zomby, Dauwd, Kode9, Burial, Pinch, Cooly G... No more, no less. Take it as it is, and thank you Adult Swim.

Head over to the site and click: download.



Low End Theory Podcast v20: D-Styles & TOKiMONSTA [DWNLD]

Wow. As usual, I was moments away from putting out a tweet with an APB asking for anyone who has seen the Low End Theory podcast. It had been quite a while - 5 months since the last one in fact. Not the pace that we once were accustomed to. But, can you blame curators Alpha Pup?? Running the label, the frenzied weekly that is Low End Theory, Heavy, taking Low End on the road to SF.... [SIGH]. I'm not mad. So, back with popular demand is the heralded Low End Theory Podcast. Featured, D-Styles and TOKiMONSTA with some new joints... . Enjoy.



Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lunice Mix For Fader. Tour Dates. [DWNLD]

Lunice is hella busy. Been touching all corners of the world, seemingly as much as GLK, and HE GOT STAMPS. Nut just days ago, Lunice announced his EU tour dates on Twitter, in support of his OneHunned EP.

And if that wasn't enough, Fader posted an exclusive mix from Lucky Me Lieutenant.

Lunice's FADER Mix by The FADER

Track list.

Lil B – I Am A Lion
Al Ripken Jr. – Clap Ya Hands
Bambounou – Dock Request (Lunice Remix)
Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (Lunice Remix)
Lunice – I See U
French Fries – Champagne
Secret Squirrel – Jungle Squirrel (Machinedrum Juke Edit)
Jam City – Magic Drops
Bambounou – Alpha
Lil – I Cook
Young – L-E-N
Canblaster – Clockworks (Para One & Teki Latex Remix)
Chris Brown feat. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne – Look At Me Now
Al Ripken – Everything I Got Now
Wiz Khalifa – On My Level
Lunice – Juice
Rick Ross feat. Styles P – B.M.F.
XV – Swervin’ (Lunice Remix)
Lunice – “Untitled”
Waka Flocka Flame – No Hands
Clams Casino – I’m God
Guido – Mad Sax
Jagged Edge – Tip of My Tougue
Sledgren – Never Been

Scoop it up over of the Fader site.

And did you know he's in Toronto tomorrow for the Red Bull World Tour?? If you're in town, we're giving out tickets. GET EM!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Zed Bias: Trouble In The Streets ft Mark Pritchard

Long time UK bastion of bass music culture Zed Bias gets things up and running again with a new LP coming in Nov.

Biasonic Hotsauce - Birth of the Nanocloud will be released November 1 2011 on Tru Thoughts from the sonic scientist, and will feature a metric ton of heavy riddims as well as collaborations from many long time associates in this sound. One of which is genius Mark Pritchard. After holding this collab that was completed sometime back, we're finally treated to what a heavy melodic tune between two geniuses would sound like: thick bassline, sharp snares, panning effects and a hot tempo. Zed Bias and Mark def deliver.

Biasonic Hotsauce - Birth of the Nanocloud - Tracklisting

1. Birth Of The Nanocloud Scene 1
2. Yagga ft. Serocee
3. Do It ft. Dynamite MC
4. Phoneline ft. Rosco Trim
5. Fairplay ft. Jenna G
6. Koolade ft. Toddla T & MdCL
7. Birth Of The Nanocloud Scene 2
8. Trouble In The Streets ft. Mark Pritchard
9. Neighbourhood (Biasonic Version) ft. MC Rumpus & Nicky Prince
10. Birth Of The Nanocloud Scene 3
11. Koolnahman ft. Specialist Moss
12. Lucid Dreams ft. Falty DL
13. Night Lovers ft. Sam Frank
14. Salsa Funk
15. Badness ft. Skream
16. All Out feat. Mighty Moe
17. Birth Of The Nanocloud Scene 4
18. Sinner

Biasonic Hotsauce - Birth of the Nanocloud from Zed Bias will be out November 01 on Tru Thoughts.


Monday, September 19, 2011

DJ MEHDI: Loukoums [DWNLD]

Just a week removed from the tragic and catastrophic accident that would take the life of DJ MEHDI (né Mehdi Favéris-Essadi), and just days past the interment, his family at Ed Banger released a mix that was limited to 200 pressed copies in 2006.
Entitled Loukoums (a north African/Mediterranean pastry), this mix was a play on J Dilla's Donuts, mixing beats from French cats around his way, in a return to his original sound of hip hop and beats. The world has been mourning his loss, and many remember him for his Ed Banger catalog, but as I said in a tweet last week, French rap is in mourning.
In celebration, Ed Banger has re released this mix for this fans to enjoy.

Hit the arrow to download.

DJ MEHDI "Loukoums" by edbangerrecords


Pollyn: Cold Sweat ft Roc Marciano [DWNLD]

YUP. Love this. Love them. I still don't recall how I came across the Pollyn band some time back, but I think it might have been via their impressive catalog of remixes, that led me back to LPs - in a kinda of reverse discovery. In fact, it was the brilliant Still Love 12" which featured fantastic rmxs from Blue Daisy, Sid Roams and Débruit, on top of a BIG original version. They appeared on my guest mix for All City in fact... I've had nothing but praise for Pollyn, who has made of a point of featuring powerful remixes of many of their pieces on separate EPs/12s" + stepping out and commissioning chef d'œuvres from the cornucopia of producers from the SoCal community.
Just moments go they tweeted out a freebie for mass consumption.

Featured is a single entitled Cold Sweat from the forth coming LP. Not only does this track step out of their usual self described downtempo, atmospheric and post modern trip hop sound delivering a fast and tempo'ed track, they also engage Roc Marciano, one of NY's most vivd painters of thug imagery on a rap canvas. Yup. I couldn't imagine a more clashing collaboration on paper, but it totally works.

Cold Sweat Featuring Roc Marciano by Pollyn

Do yourself a favor a download the track, grab the lead off EP which features a the single + a rmx by San Diego's eLan (nice), and lookout for their new LP due in Oct.



Sunday, September 18, 2011

Exile "Intro To The Outro" Mixtape [DWNLD]

So, the timing could not be better. One week from today, Blu and Exile will be in town gracing the stage @ the Manifesto festival in Toronto. This will be fun. Last time I saw Exile was quite a few years back. July 08 I believe, and we were both talking about some new Dilla sh*t. He's released so much since then, but he comes to Toronto on the heels of new mixtape which dropped a few weeks back.
Just in time for a Fall 2011 campaign, Exile and LRG combine forces and release a mixtape ahead of a new LP 4TRK MIND coming later this fall, October 4th 2011 to be exact.
Dirty Science x LRG present: Intro To The Outro Mixtape

A classic hip hop mixtape featuring many of his fave MCs, entirely produced by yours truly of course. So make sure you download it, and keep it close as the October date for his full LP draws closer.



Friday, September 16, 2011

RBMA x Manifesto Culture Clash Contest

As many of you know, Thursday Sept 22nd, The Red Bull Music Academy and Manifesto are presenting the Culture Clash as part of the Manifesto festival.
Featured: 4 stages, 4 sounds, 4 crews, 1 winner.
Afrika Bambaata & The Zulu nation vs Mad Decent (South Rakkas Crew, Dillon Francis, Paul Devro, DJ Sega) vs Toronto All Stars (Boi-1da, Lissa Monet, Starting From Scratch and one of my faves, Lindo P) vs Lucky Me (Hudson Mohawke, Rustie, Lunice w/ special guest Just Blaze)

All hosted by Kardinal Offishall.

92bpm, long time friends of The Red Bull Music Academy are giving out tickets to the Culture Clash which is going down next week. SAY WRD.

RBMA Culture Clash
Echo Beach venue change
Moslon Amphitheatre - Ontario Place
Thursday Sept 22nd 2011

View Larger Map


I know I talked about who I thought would win, but send us an email letting us know who you think will win and why, along with your full name (no typos pls), and you'll be entered for the contest for tickets. The sooner the better. But you have until 11.59pm EST Tuesday Sept 20th to enter.

Ok. Good luck, and have a great weekend.


Sweatson Klank on Mary Anne Hobbs Aug 2011 [STREAM]

Maybe unbeknownst to many, Mary Anne Hobbs is not only back on radio, but is now on 5 days/week. Monday through Thursday 8-11p GMT and Saturdays 7-10 GMT (America, do the math and tune in), you can hear her introduce the world to either young new cats, or some of her fave producers from around the globe as they ready their releases and offer exclusive mixes for her programs in Xfm. Those mixes are all archived here for all to relive. And there are some great ones. Much like the one from Sweatson Klank, formerly known as Take. Sweatson Klank has been preparing to release an LP full if new tracks, many I had the op to listen to when I was last in LA recently. Be prepared: some heavy, audacious and adventurous sounds will be coming from the LA stalwart. He offered some of it to Mary Anne Hobbs for his feature mix in late August.



Hoya Hoya 003: Out Now

Returning w/ an all EU lineup is the newest Hoya Hoya release. The mandem from Manchester have this time gathered Ikonika, RBMA Madrid bound Om Unit and Monky.

I'll be frank, I can't get enough of Om Unit's production, so i was immediately drawn to his track, but the whole 12" is solid.

Hoya Hoya 003

A1. Ikonika- Fleas
B1. Om Unit- Fibonnaci 10
B2. Monky- Hipster

Fibonacci 10 - Hoya 003 - Out Now by omunit

Fleas by Ikonika

Monky - Hipster by Monky

As Alex Nut would say, it's available on shiny black plastic now, and will be available as digital Sept 19th from your fave eRetailer.



Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kutmah's All Dabrye Mix On NTS Live.

Some maybe saw this playful campaign roll out on twitter which simply was trying to confirm the whereabouts of Tadd Mullinix, formerly as Dabrye - his best known alias. I last saw him in 2007, and he was recently spotted somewhere in Detroit.
But for the rest, Kutmah came to save the day. He recently hit the airwaves at online startup NTS Live and played an all Dabrye set. Yup. Archived and ready to be relived for those that locked in (I should have archived it myself to go ride with it in the iPod), and ready to be played for all that missed it.

You can hit Kutmah's NTS Live page here and stream it.



Hudson Mohawke: Star Crackout [VIDEO]

Something I found whilst I was poking around for this track in particular to send to a friend, and lo and behold: a fan video. Hudson Mohawke's Star Crackout which 1st came out from the famed All City 7x7, and then as a Butter LP track, was certainly one of my fave tracks from that series let alone in general. I played it tons, esp when riding the fixie up and down these Toronto streets.
But these fan made visuals are fresh. Not mad @ all. And you had never heard of this one from Hudmo, no better time than the present: click or click



Wednesday, September 14, 2011


In a track that has been dedicated to a fallen friend, Ras G has released this 3 some min paean for his man General Black. In an odd twist, I was in LA at the Spacebase when this was being written. But we sat there w/ Samiyam and Hera, laughing about everything and anything, unbeknownst to me he was in midst of writing with a heavy heart for his friend. As he put it:

What a day this was..... i was in the middle of making this beat and i got a text that i needed to see my homie General Black because it might be the last time i ever see him on this planet sooooo... after hearing that i begin 2 get ready 2 see what was the haps....15 mins later i get the text that they was gonna take him off life support then i just paused could not watch the homie leave the planet like i rolled a blunt and just reflected.... had the tear and a smile moment...I felt cool after that i felt confident that General`s heart would balance out wit the feather.... soooo with that i turned around and finished this joint..... SPACEY

In celebration, Ras G opted to share this one in lim quantity. So get i t whilst it's still up. Say wrd.



Onra: Japanese Exclusive from All City [DWNLD]

Onra's been a little quiet no?? In a convo we had just a few days ago, I asked about this rumored Japanese exclusive coming from All City. I was wrong. Not only was it an exclusive 7", it was also a never to see light of digital release day exclusive.

So all you All City aficionados, make your move and make it quick. Who knows how many of these went to press. But what you can expect in this 7", is a follow up to the acclaimed Long Distance LP, chopping up like he does that futuristic funk, that bombastic boogie in 2 tracks that he has been patiently waiting to release.

Onra - Edits (ACOJ7x1) by allcitydublin


1. Change Of Heart
2. Keep On Loving Me

You can scoop one of the riddims from the good ppl @ XLR8R.



Friday, September 9, 2011

Blu's No York [DWNLD]

I had been a min since I heard any Blu music. After that legendary Below The Heavens LP w/ co conspirator Exile. Ever since, we've known of this deal w/ Warner for a full length, we've been patiently waiting, and he impatiently. But all good. Those are label politics, surprisingly, alive and kicking.
But in the interim, we've been offered something to hold us down until that day when his full LP does drop. A few weeks back, posted up was the multiple cover No York LP/mixtape.

Featured on the mix are any of the LA names that Blu has known for years, many of which he's worked with before, names we've grown to know and other discover. Names like Dibiase, Flying Lotus, Knxwledge, Samiyam, Exile, Madlib, Shafiq, Bilal, J*DaVeY and Sa-Ra.


Blu – No York!

01. Doin’ Nothin (Feat. U-God)
02. Everything Ok (Feat. Jack Davey)
03. Never Be The Same
04. A Bove Crenshaw (feat. Cashus King)
06. Super Dooper U
07. Hours
08. Annie Hall
09. Ta G’s (feat. Exile)
10. Spring Winter Summer Fall (feat. Jimetta Rose)
11. Down To Earth (feat. The Donel Smokes, Double O, Definite)
12. My Sunshine
13. Jazmine
14. And The Jazzmen
15. Ronald Morgan (feat. Edan)
16. Keep Pushinn
17. Doin Something

What's best? He and Exile are doing tour dates, coming to the east coast and landing in Toronto for the Manifesto festival. Check your local listings for dates.



Thursday, September 8, 2011

DJ House Shoes Presents Gumbo 2 (Pretty Ugly) [DWNLD]

As an appetizer to Brenk's Gumbo 2 (Pretty Ugly) LP due Sept 23 2011 on MPM, world renown DJ House Shoes drops a sort of appetizer, snippet mix of the LP featuring a few of his favorite cuts.


Click the arrow to download, pop in iPod and enjoy.


Brenk Sinatra Cooks Up Gumbo 2 (Pretty Ugly) [DWNLD]

In what was my apprenticeship that was this beat music phenomenon some years back, I still recall messing about all these recipes and tasting all sorts of savory dishes from all corners the world. Soul food, French pastries, Asian delicacies, but our fave chef is back. What seemed like an eternity, is now but a distant memory as we welcome master chef, our boy Brenk aka Brenk Sinatra back in the fold. And this time, he's come to the pot luck with a brand new dish: Gumbo 2 (Pretty Ugly)

Some might recall Gumbo, his original LP with a recipe which left even the most indigenous Louisiana citizen agape with jealousy, asking: who is this Viennese virtuoso?? This time around, the beats are bolder, the snares spicier, kicks more scrumptious and the samples still well chopped.
With most tracks not exceeding the 2 min mark, Brenk serves a type of bouillabaisse in a tangy tapas style, never allowing us to be full of any one track and leaving room for the remainder of the menu. Gumbo 2 (Pretty Ugly) is produced in a classic beat tape style, but still with the variation and transition missing in many of the bountiful bland beat tapes out now.


01. Intro
02. Murda Dem
03. Lupo
04. Whereva
05. Everyday Scenario
06. Dedicated
07. Anotha Sip
08. Nite Ridah 2k11
09. Shangri-La
10. Can’t Seem To Forget
11. Anotha All Nighta
12. One Daaay
13. Perdido [download]
14. Bright Foozel
15. Wheneva
16. The Spirit Of Chad Butler
17. Grindas Skit
18. Hit U
19. Body Skit
20. Wolves 2 (Still Hungry)
21. Tryin
22. Intruda
23. It’s Yours (Outro)

Here are some of my faves: One Daaay, Wheneva, Wolves 2, and you can sample the rest of the the LP below.

Gumbo 2 (Pretty Ugly) is due in stores September 23rd 2011, and will be available world wild on Melting Pot Music. Pretty tasty.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Numbers x Hudson Mohawke on Rinse FM [DWNLD]

In case you missed it last night, Numbers crew and Hudson Mohawke terrorized the airwaves and fiber optic cables last night w/ 2 hrs of madness. Included were hip hop classics as well as some show exclusives and of course, much of that new Pleasure Principle bizness.

Numbers x Hudson Mohawke - Sept 6th on Rinse FM.




Pleasure Principle: Hudson Mohawke

if you've seen him live of recent, you may have heard the bangers. Hudson Mohawke got this affinity for flipping R&B bangers from yesterdays... He had that monstrous Ooops flip that had cats running to the DJ booth from far and wide. Hudmo had been teasing many of us recently w/ many more, with a majestic one released on Aalyiah's anniversary. Now comes the Pleasure Principle.

the official 12" for unofficial flips.

Aaliyah, Keri Hilson, Jodedi, Janet Jackson and Gucci Mane all get that Hudmo treatment.
Out on VERY LIMITED 12" only.

Hudson Mohawke - Pleasure by Hudson Mohawke

Hudson Mohawke x Aaliyah - Somebody by Hudson Mohawke

Hudson Mohawke - Turn Me Off by Hudson Mohawke

You can listen to all the flips at the Pleasure Principle site.

Get it.

PS - Toronto, don't forget that Hudmo will be here Sept 22nd for the Red Bull Music Academy World Tour.


Cosmopolyphonic Radio 24: Hashim B [DWNLD]

CPR has released their new podcast, #24.

Dedicated to the JPN relief efforts, this mix is comprised entirely of tracks from the new LAJPNLA v2 which is available on bandcamp along w/ the LAJPNLA v1 comp which was released not to long ago. All mixed by Hashim B.

Download, enjoy and show love.


Monday, September 5, 2011

Robin Hannibal: Bobby EP [DWNLD]

Copenhagen raised Robin Hannibal, who was the driving force behind Quadron, Owusu & Hannibal, the famed Boom Clap Bachelors is finally dropping this well rumored Bobby EP.

The multi instrumentalist who has been the fave of many aficionados around the world, including the likes of Gilles P, ?uesto and Skateboard P aka Pharrel Williams, has finally released the works that he sees most rewarding: his own. So in this Bobby EP, we are confronted with the recognized brilliance, the soul and sound that landed him as a lecturer at the RBMA (where I 1st met him w/ Phil Owusu in Toronto).
Bobby EP is his interpretation of a beat record, though it features more vocals that most have ever arranged on such a concept, and possibly more music with Robin handling all production and performance duties. But again, this was his vision.



And as a little bonus, a featured podcast that was curated for avant-gardist Plug Research, and features some of the new music on Bobby EP. The whole mix is available for download.

Robin Hannibal - Plug Research Podcast #12 by Plug Research


kalimba 1 - robin hannibal - unreleased
plastic - robin hannibal - bobby ep
voltaire - robin hannibal - bobby ep
samba de verão - quadron - red hot rio 2
if 6 was 8 - szjerdene - single
knight of the black book - IOU - this is IOU
monster - owusu and hannibal - living with.
kalimba 2 - bobby august - unrealeased
million babies - owusu and hannibal - living with.
look ma - robin hannibal - unreleased
mor - robin hannibal - unreleased
skynd dig langsomt - boom clap bachelors - mellem dine læber
let u go - robin hannibal - unrealeased

Bobby EP lands in worldwide stores tomorrow on Plug Research, and should be one that learned beat fanatics as well as curious soul supporters and all around music fans should dig. You can scoop that here.



Red Bull Music Academy World Tour

In what will precede the Madrid Edition of the 2011 RBMA, the good ppl @ The Red Bull Music Academy are curating a worldwide tour touching 10 cities across this gorgeous globe, with many having been previous host cities for past academies: Paris, Toronto, New York, Berlin, Sao Paolo, Melbourne, Rome, London, Cape Town & Detroit.

Shows, lectures and workshop: academia in music, with many free events and some paid. This is a window of how the good ppl @ the RBMA do, and events that fans in the area should certainly check out.

Make sure you hear to the Red Bull Music Academy World Tour site to check out the details for your city, and the one you plan to attend.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Option Command's Horizon Glow EP [DWNLD]

In what I will file under 'how in the?'. As usual, between all the emails I receive and send myself, I also try to get @ everything in time - as much as possible.
A Canadian indie King Deluxe has released an EP from an Aussie cat Option Command. The Horizon Glow EP has just dropped and we're treated to music much created in the spirit of commands, codes and compiling.

Horizon Glow EP is a dedication to the true defender of digital, believer of the 8bit beat and slow synth sound though sequenced with that one intangible: soul. Drawing comparison to an early melodious Cupp Cave, Option Command compiles 6 tracks in what is sure to be the 1st of many more synthphonies to come.

You can listen to the entire Horizon Glow EP which is now available for purchase.

Horizon Glow EP by Option Command

You can also download a lower bit rate version for free.



Rustie's Songs Of The Summer for NPR [STREAM]

As Rustie prepares for what will certainly be a busy fall 2011, ready to unsheath his Glass Sword LP, he was asked to curate a summer mix for GOP fave NPR. What we have is a mix of his faves, long side some bangers from his Lucky Me comerades.

You can got check that out over @ the blog and stream it there on the spot.


1. Rustie, "Flash Back"
2. Krystal Klear, "Clove Dagger"
3. Jacques Greene, "I Like You"
4. Nightwave, "Festivus"
5. Zed Bias, "Trouble in the Streets" (feat. Mark Pritchard)
6. Mele, "Mugged"
7. Rustie, "Hover Traps"
8. Skream, "Where You Should Be" (Seiji Remix)
9. Hudson Mohawke, "Foxy Boxing"
10. Turboshinboy, "Sparks"
11. Rustie, "4eva"
12. Joker, "On My Mind" (Rustie Remix)
12. Rustie, "Ultra Thizz"
13. Machinedrum, "LoveKing" (Machinedrum Edit)
14. Harvey Kartel, "Say Yes"
15. Lone, "Crystal Caverns"
16. Hudson Mohawke, "Thank You"
17. Joker, "Trancey"
18. Kavsrave, "Your Love"
19. Preditah, "New York"
20. Rustie,"All Nite"

Rustie's Songs Of The Summer.


PS, if you're in Toronto, don't forget Rustie will be part of the RBMA Culture Clash Sept 22nd.


Karriem Riggins & Thundercat Outtake [VIDEO]

I love these moments. Those off script, unrehearsed and unprompted an sometime instinctual moments between persons that are more times than not ever witnessed let alone archived. This was one such moment. Before the the recording of the now legendary Suite For Ma Dukes by Mochilla, the same cameras caught an important moment of improvisation between both Karriem Riggins and Thundercat. They recreated a rendition of Protocosmos, a song by the late Tony Williams. The result? Two some minutes of euphonious euphoria. Enjoy. H!
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