Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Om Unit: XLR8R Podcast [DWNLD]

I don't even need a track listing for this one. Om Unit has been a personal fave of mine for a min now. Quick personal story: I still recall when Lavender dropped, and I happen to be playing w/ King Britt at the Drake one night. I eased Lavender into the mix and watched some ladies just lose their mind - and turned to see King Britt make that face. YES. Not that I needed affirmation, but I was happy to have shared what I knew was a banger.
Om unit has done nothing short of impress time after time. The former educator, now full time producer and label owner as been busy ever since releasing more material, establishing himself in the league of perfectionists, who also have a sense of history with this music and their approach to the writing. The qualities that I'm sure were able to convince the Red Bull Music Academy ppl to admit him to the 2011 edition of the famed retreat - which was set in an old spanish slaughterhouse. Nice.
Nonetheless, he's been asked to curate the new XLR8R podcast, and this is with no doubt an absolute must.


01 Moresounds "Weeda"
02 Salva "Komodo" (Friends of Friends)
03 Krampfhaft "I Need You" (Rwina)
04 Om Unit "Vibrations (Machinedrum Remix)" (Civil)
05 Adam F "Circles (Phillip D Kick Footwork Jungle Edit)"
06 Danny Breaks "Droppin' Science Vol.1 (Phillip D Kick Footwork Jungle Edit)"
07 Chesslo Junior "Alpine Riddim"
08 DJ Rashad "Welcome to the Chi"
09 Ital Tek "Pixel Haze" (Planet Mu)
10 EAN "AulderKincher"
11 Om Unit "Swimming Dragon" (Civil Music)
12 Kuedo "Scissors" (Planet Mu)
13 Delilah "Go" (Warner)
14 Raadsel & Luisterwaar "Tissue Box" (Saturate)
15 Onra "Fight or Die" (All City)
16 Silent Dust "The Giant (Om Unit Remix)"
17 Kromestar "Don't Make Sense VIP" (Cosmic Bridge)
18 Kinzy "Tree Tops"
19 Om Unit "An Eternal Way" (Civil)
20 Calibre "No More" (Signature)
21 Joe Syntax "Signal Drop" (Hospital)
22 IIX "Eclipse" (Drumpanic)
23 Jay 5ive and Kromestar "Wishful Thinking (Om Unit Remix)"
24 Daedelus "Vous Ites Stereo (Om Unit Remix)" (All City)



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