Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Koen x Nangdo x Duke Hugh: Soulection Mix [DWNLD]

A few years back, I recall going through a Dutch vibe as I seemingly discovered many of their producers all at once. The guys from Slumgullion, Hayzee (where is that dude?), Tom Trago, Nalden's label Appletree, Cinnaman etc... So many. I'm forgetting some right now, but nonetheless the talent was well an evident. In fact, i used to chat about this with the well traveled like Phat Kat. He knows.
So it was a more than pleasant surprise to see Koen put together a mix w/ homies Nangdo & Duke Hugh for Soulection. Nice. Koen and I had recently got back up as I was going through some of his older CLASSICS (who can forget 289?? Bananas). I still listen to Je Favoriete Overburen form time to time. Anyhow, here's a Nangdo x Duke Hugh x Koen Mix made for SOULECTION. Enjoy this download.



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