Monday, December 5, 2011

Dibiase: Comfort Zone [DWLND]

D Motherf*cker D!

There's never a dull record w/ Dibia$e. So it's not w/o any doubt that the blogosphere has been abuzz w/ the new freebie courtesy of Dibia$e and the good ppl over at the Fresh Selects.
Comfort Zone is a 7 track EP which is certain to delight his followers. The classic samples that stab in and out of the tracks, be it funny quotes or just passages are a welcomed return to iPods everywhere. Something that should tie ppl down as we await this rumored Fat Beats record due out later this month. More importantly, the EP is also released in memory of the late J-1 aka The DEER. An accident took his life in the last week, and LA has been in mourning ever since. He was the drummer, the rhythm section of Master Blazter, Dam Funk's touring outfit. Salute.

Sub Factor

Deep Winter


The Comfort Zone EP is a free download. Head over to Fresh Selects and have some fun. Enjoy.


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