Monday, November 7, 2011

Teebs: Collections 01 [DWNLD]

From an upcoming Collections 01 from Brainfeeder, Teebs has dropped a gem for the ppl to preview. As Teebs puts it, Collections 01 is neither an EP or an LP, but simply a "collections of ideas", as part of a set of releases he plans to offer along what will certainly be an illustrious career from the Cali resident.

yellow more new by teebsio


1. Just the Yellow Bits
2. Cook, Clean, Pay The Rent (New House Version)
3. Pretty Poly
4. Jahara
5. Verbena Tea (featuring Rebekah Raff)
6. Your Favorite Weekday
7. LSP (featuring Austin Peralta)
8. While You Dooooo (Extended)
9. Red Curbs Loop (Stuff I Dream About)
10. Yellow More New

Collections 01 from Teebs should be in stores this week, Nov 08 2011, and you can preview the whole LP here here:

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