Monday, November 14, 2011

Suff Daddy: Dutch Passion 2006 [DWNLD]

It's been quite a minute since I've listen to some Suff Daddy. His early releases were some of the hallmarks of what I felt was the ground swell of this beat science sound that was developing, esp coming out of EU. He's still active, cutting and splicing the samples from classic hip hop records.

Suff Daddy has broken his silence w/ a freebie of an EP. Suff Daddy presents The Dutch Passion 2006, courtesy of the good ppl at Melting Pot Music. A stash of gems he was holding to himself, until now.

Can you guess the inspiration?? My dutch passion is it's water, but hey.... Nonetheless, it's always fun to listen to Suff Daddy, and prob even best blowing that thick white smoke. Always well produced, and great listens. The Dutch Passion 2006 is available as a free download. grab it here whilst you can. It's all here below.

Suff Daddy - Dutch Passion 2006 by MPMCGN



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