Monday, November 7, 2011

Soulection Presents MOOD by Evil Needle [DWNLD]

Soulection, the future-soul flag bearer and protagonist in SoCal dropped just 1 week ago, a gem from German born, but French resident Evil Needle. MOOD is a 14 track chef d'oeuvre, rife with that soulful swing that the world seems to embrace with every drop. Having been introduced to production via friends at a tender age, Evil Needle had been dabbling ever since only have to become more proficient w/ age. Evil Needle now has some various releases under his belt with more to come. But most celebrated is this new one from the Soulection camp, MOOD. Listing many sounds as his influences, but will wholeheartedly admit to having been impacted by listening to hip hop, listing Fettes Brot as an influence. Whether italo disco, or golden era hip hop, one thing for sure, the sound of MOOD is all love and is up for you to peep.

Evil Needle - Mood (OUT NOW) - Teaser (S005) by SOULECTION

This teaser for MOOD can be downloaded and the full LP can be peeped over at the Soulection Bandcamp.



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