Friday, November 18, 2011

PUDGE: OHMazing Grace

Been way too long.
After relocating from Los Angeles to NYC, one of my fave producers P.U.D.G.E. has ready to release a very unique project on our unsuspecting ears.
Familiar to me was his legendary sampling and splicing of phrases all up and down the sequence of his tracks, and what I welcomed listen it is to hear again. Recalling my 1st few listens to P.U.D.G.E back in 07 or 08, what blew me away then still holds today. Repeated listens always always unearth discoveries of samples which here just tucked away, and peaked out maybe only twice in a track. Brilliant.
But what's most unique about this one new project, and I quote right from his email:

believe it or not (though you probably will not)... this project was composed entirely using: 1 porcelain oil burner(sans oil), approx. 28 grains of jasmine rice / 1 second hand Wahl hairline trimmer , 2 wooden spoons, & a universal remote...from target. and a macbook pro
WTF?? I won't even ask. And you neither should you. Just take it in and listen. P.U.D.G.E's project OHMazing Grace will be out midway next week on his bandcamp. Can't wait to sit down at dinner for this feast!

Achording To Me (OG)

Just Us (OG)

OHMazing Grace should be available next week on P.U.D.G.E's bandcamp.


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