Thursday, November 3, 2011

Onra: No Matter What [DWNLD]

I've been listening to the full Chinoiseries pt 2 LP for a few weeks now, and the few who follow me in twitter might recall this tweet. I knew this was a stand out. And so did Onra, as he hit me back. The track is a classic banger w/ sample and drum, in the way that have worked for an eternity.
So in a move that was both a shocker and no surprise, No Matter What was made a free download earlier this week.

No Matter What by Onra

5500 plays in about 24 hrs. Yep. Onra's Chinoiseries pt 2 will be out Nov 15th 2011 on All City Records.

It's a banger.

PS - Toronto, stay tuned - i may have a pleasant surprise.


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