Thursday, November 24, 2011

More: Super Smokey Soul ft Muhsinah

It's been quite some time since I had heard from either. Super Smoky Soul was last seen somewhere on an older playlist of mine w/ this banger called Knockout Kings featuring Guilty Simpson. Muhsinah released a double EP earlier this year after a quiet period that saw he also change her name then back again. So when the email came in announcing a new 12" between the two, it was certainly eye opening.
Nov 16th, the good ppl over at Circulations in Japan released a new Super Smoky Soul 12" featuring DC starlet Muhsinah and a new remix for Knockout Kings ft Guilty Simpson by 1/3 of the triumvirate, re:iLL

More is a sonorous ditty, magniloquent with melodies and harmonies, tight drum programming and a loose and leisurely swing. Nice. The Guilty remix ia a fresh update to what was a fantastic track when it 1st emerged, but the treat is a nice instrumental that's been added as a bonus track on the 12", The Last Man.

You can scoop it over on iTunes right now. Great 12"!


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