Monday, November 14, 2011

Moovmnt Presents: Future Of Funk 2 [DWNLD]

Master curators and bellwether blog, Moovmnt have released a comp for masses to consume. The follow up to their well received 1st installment, is now going from a bright turquoise to a fuchsia pink, but just as much pop. Uh, not pop but Funk.
Future Of Funk 2 will feature some of the names that I've extolled in the last few, and some you maybe be discovering as well. ARP 101, Jon Phonics, Dam Funk, Salva and B Bravo are many of the familiar names you'll recognize immediately. There's nothing like music discovery. ;)

The Future of Funk 2 by Moovmnt


01 ARP 101 - Groove
02 Jon Phonics - The One
03 813 - Street Beats, Big Cloks
04 Sasac - Bourgies Must Chill
05 Def Chronic - Apple Juice
06 Bobby Tank - Tangent
07 DāM-FunK - Forever
08 Opolopo - Hexagon Love
09 East Liberty Quarters - Lucky Charm
10 Replife - Ready Set Go (AD Bourke Dub Mix)
11 Ulysses82 - Fax
12 First Touch - It's Yours (2011 Mix)
13 Salva - Obsession Ft. B. Bravo
14 B. Bravo & Teeko - The Roll Out



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