Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lex Records: DOOM + Ghostface Live [VIDEO]

Celebrating 10 yrs of epic releases, Lex Records are toasting the decade existence w/ a show which will feature none only than Viktor Vaughn aka DOOM, and one of the last to hold the mic like it should be held, Ghostface. Best deal yet?? It's been broadcast LIVE by all world BoilerRoom. I have to hand it to those guys, EPIC streams. They're had me stuck to my chair for hours on end in past, and this will be one not to miss. In fact, you can watch it here.


8:00pm LEX Djs
8:30pm Jneiro Jarel (live)
9:00pm DOOM (live)
9:45pm Ghostface (live)
10:20pm Ghostface & DOOM (live)

** update ** 16h12 EST - They seem to be a touch behind sched. Just be patient and refresh screen.
** update 2 ** 18h10 EST - DOOM apparently changed his mind re: the live stream, so the screen has been blank and the patient ppl at Boilerroom are just waiting for his set to end to stream Ghostface. Ahhh, good ol'Doom.



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