Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kuhn: Slime Beach

Ahhhh.... Played myself.
So I was listening to Alexander Nut's show this weekend and heard this tune on Rinse FM and had to send this tweet out. Moments later, I get coded language from Alexander Nut who essentially told me to look into my email box. So I did. POW.

I'd come across some of Kuhn's work via my man Astro Nautico in the past but had not got around to inking anything. This 22 yr old producer has recently released a 4 track EP on wax on Civil Music, which was also released as digital w/ 5 more remixes from Philip D Kick, S. Maharba among others. But the title track/lead single from Kuhn is a pretty 140 bizness riddim w/ a rainbow bright xylophone refrain. So pretty. But the wax also features a vinyl only release of a particular stand out track We're Gonna Make It, featuring some desolate vocals on simple strumming folky guitar, until the measure makes it's presence felt, rearranging the quasi ballad into a remarkable tune. The track was originally released under the Astro Nautico flag, on the Spacemuzik EP.

Slime Beach EP by Kuhn

Tracklist (12")

1. Slime Beach
2. Stoneskipper
3. Back 'n' Forth
4. We're Gonna Make It


1. Slime Beach
2. Stoneskipper
3. Back 'n' Forth
4. Island
5. Silme Beach (Phillip D Kick Remix)
6. Slime Beach (The Range Remix)
7. Back 'n' Forth (howse Remix)
8. Back 'n' Forth (Drop/Dead Remix)
9. Stoneskipper (S. Maharba Remix)

The Slime Beach EP from Kuhn is out now, and available from Civil Music now.

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