Monday, November 14, 2011

Jimmy Flamante: Hip Beats Vol. 01 [DWNLD]

Hailing from the land of the fiery and sometime strangely comical Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan Jimmy Flamante comes to us by way of Caracas and the good ppl at Jus Like Music. I've had teh chance to run this for the last few weeks now, and one thing's certian: inspired entirely by classic hip hop, Jimmy Flamante has just released a 7 cut EP entitled Hip Beats Vol. 01 which will introduce the world to the orthodox style and clear reverence for the chopped sample, kick and snare - meat and potatoes of hip hop.

Jimmy Flamante's EP has been made available as a free download. Just hit his bandcamp page to get your own copy. Shouts to Jus Like Music as always.



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