Monday, November 28, 2011

Jay Scarlett: Finest Ego Mix [DWNLD]


I've not spoken about or to Jay in too long. need to call dood for real. I've said it then, and I'll say it again: this blog is here from as a result of his inspiration. When you go back and look for where some of this music started, Jay Scarlett is near or at the root of it all. Period. SO it actually baffles me when I quietly read some tweets and these young cats don't realize they're speaking w/ foundation, royalty. I'll speak on that another day. Anyhow, he's been invited to curate a Finest Ego's mix. Fantastic. Even best, the track listing is included. Enjoy.



01. Dimlite – Yes, Welcome
02. Doom ft. Thom Yorke & Jonny Greenwood – Retarded Fren
03. heRobust – Coma Toast
04. Dimlite – Sun Sized Twinkle
05. Raj Mahal – Force
06. Hi Res – Donnasong
07. Jose James – Trouble (Oh No Remix)
08. Jonti ft. The Stepkid & Illa J – The Days Have Turned
09. MdCL ft. Sandra Nkake – Alabi
10. Grap Luva – Rocking With Elegance (One For Damu)
11. Yesterdays New Quintet – Sun Goddess
12. Super Smoky Soul ft. Guilty Simpson – Knockout Kings (Re:ill Remix)
13. Hiatus & Shura – Fortune’s Fool (Danny Drive Thru Remix)
14. Shigeto – Self Compassion
15. The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – All Is One
16. Cristo Redentor – Harvey Mandel
17. Teebs ft. Rebekah Raff – Verbena Tea
18. Onra – Fight Or Die
19. Kuedo – Ascension Phase
20. Om Unit – Solar Cycle
21. Manni Dee – Steady Effect
22. Robot Koch – Glassdrops
23. S-Type -Sweet Vixen
24. Bobby Tank – Fireman
25. Kotchy – Turn To Rain
26. Native Machine – Electric Eccentric
27. Mike Gao – Fullspeed


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