Friday, November 25, 2011

Gonjasufi: Nickel & Dimes [DWNLD]

2012 will certainly have a great start. After having spent much time doing EU dates, Socal's Sufi Sumach Ecks - bka as Gonjasufi will release a follow up to the critically acclaimed 1st LP Sufi And A Killer, which was followed by the remix project of said album. MU.ZZ.LE will released as a full CD and pressed as a double 10" which hand screened jackets.
The lead, Nickels & Dimes is a morose number headed by elegiac chords, his coarse adagio flow, and all of it kept in pace by a syncopated sequence of snares, hats and kicks. A fresh lead, and you can scoop that single for free courtesy of Warp. Enjoy.



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