Thursday, November 10, 2011

Civil Music Sampler [DWNLD]

So I just saw this tweet stating that Civil Music was letting go of a sampler for the masses. Alright.
So struck the deal and the tracks were up an ready to let go.
After registering, POW: I can't get enjoy the download, as I'm not a US resident. DAYUM. The country w/ massive broadband penetration can't enjoy some free music. GET REAL AMAZON. Anyhow, all US readers, you can enjoy this music, though I know not of other territories.. Here's how it all looks.

1. Island Kuhn
2. Falling in Love Kotchy
3. Sunflower Reason or Romanza
4. Like D's Bees Debruit
5. Lost in Space (Kuhn Remix) Starkey
6. Sirens (Jeeks Remix) The Starlings
7. Main Sequence Star Reso
8. Prawn Cocktail Om Unit
9. Picture Darling Farah
10. Cold Lazarus (Drums of Death's Club Mix) Drums Of Death
11. Beasts in the Basement (VIP) Reso
12. Gamma Rays (Bricks VIP) Starkey


After tweeting this, I was kindly directed by the good ppl over at Civil Music to hit their own site so to scoop this compilation, and even more. So, there you go. All is well, that ends well.
So you can head over to the Civil Music site and simply click here and follow the instructions. Great catalog selections, in hi fidelity for you to enjoy.

So you can click here and download the compilation for free, after you register for free. But you must live in US, or go through the hassle of a IP sniffer concealer etc... too much work for me right now. But I'm sure I have some US readers. If anyone can scoop this compilation, would you mind sending me the link?? you can email it: emailme [at] 92bpm [dot] com.

Shouts to Om Unit, and the Civil Music mandem.



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