Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Beat.it: This Is Not A Revival [DWNLD]

In a conversation I recently had w/ Phat Kat from Detroit, he reaffirmed his amazement at the music that was coming from overseas. I agreed - always have. In a compilation that has been curated to focus on the Italian beat science scene, Beat.it: This Is Not A Revival has finally dropped. Assembling the noise makers from the land of Cinelli bikes and angel hair pasta, Beat.it: This Is Not A Revival introduces 16 tracks from a few names I've known and many I've yet to come across. +1 for discovery. Morpherground, Grillo and RBMA grad AD Bourke are names that have populated my library but the rest are new to my ears and possibly yours as well.
But familiar to my ears is the adept and adroit production featured on this compilation, flaunting the fine craftsmanship to be expected from first rate goods from the Italian Republic. From funk to abstract hip hop, to experimental, Beat.it: This Is Not A Revival looks to fulfill it's goal of presenting the world to their burgeoning underground scene. As a free download, this package will come w/ a PDF containing all the deets you'll need.

BEAT.IT | This Is Not A Revival by BEAT.IT


01 / AD BOURKE VS. COSTA – Ominide
02 / A N.I.Q. JOINT – Campioni Gorilla
03 / MORPHEGROUND – Where Am I?¿? (i’m totally into this one ndr)
04 / DIGI G’ALESSIO – Yes I’m A Lonely Man
06 / MANUELE ATZENI – Bum! Clack!
07 / COLOSSIUS – Kentacky
08 / BAINMASS – Old Stuff
09 / DJ 2PHAST – Cluedo
10 / MASTER OF RIBONGIA – Sunny Good Times
11 / GRILLO – Tasty Satellites
12 / KAPPAH – 52
13 / RAILSTER – Andromeda
14 / BASS SCIENCE – Wax Slash
15 / FITNESS BITCH – Sinergy
16 / CONTAINER – Quack Methods




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