Friday, November 18, 2011

813: Spectrum Riff EP

Hailing from Moscow is another member of the international beat scene that have been proliferating worldwide. Having appeared on the pivotal Fly Russia comp, he has now stepped out and penned another release of his own, coming from the good ppl over at Donky Pitch.
813's Spectrum Riff EP is a 6 track piece that he sets ablaze with smoking synths, hot drum and explosive melodies. TO be expected from a full time firefighter?? Maybe. But tracks such as Firefighter set the tone early by creating a double time, non quantized dance floor scorcher.

DKY004 - 813 - Spectrum Riff EP Clips by Donky Pitch


A1 - Firefighter
A2 - Bluebirds
A3 - Tinky Tonky (Slugabed remix)
B1 - Plumbeous Bubbles
B2 - Splinters of Violet Glasses
B3 - Tinky Tonky

The Spectrum Riff EP from 813 drops Dec 12th 2011 on wax, and Jan 9th 2011 for digital.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled.


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