Tuesday, November 29, 2011

1000 Names: Machine City EP [VIDEO]

It's been more than a min since I last had the chance to chat about Sofia's selectors 1000 Names. Well, today's my chance as they have a new one out from the Svetlana Industries label. A crew that I regarded originally closer to hip hop w/ a pinch of experimental, they have records on a small handful of labels, but i'm glad to be releasing w/ Svetlana Industries. Very early in my coverage of this music, in 07 or so, they already had releases under their belt, and they continue to march on despite their relative isolation in Bulgaria.
Machine City EP is a return to the surface, with 5 cuts that include a touch more rhythmic than glitch this time around. Songs like La Boheme, Zelda and Planet Video all have the bounce and swing that could make then club bangers - a rarity in this world. You can play and download the sampler below to get a taste of the newness.

1000names - The Machine City EP teaser by Svetlana Industries

Machine City EP is out now from Svetlana Industries.




  1. Being based now in Berlin I don't think they're too isolated...


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