Wednesday, November 30, 2011

92bpm Presents Samiyam Dec 14th 2011

This is the pre announcement to what will be a streak of shows curated by 92bpm. Back from a 3 month tour in Asia and EU, Samiyam will be in Toronto at The Drake Underground.

Samiyam (Brainfeeder, LA)
w/ mymanhenri
Wednesday Dec 14th 2011, The Drake Underground
10p-2a. $10
Facebook RSVP.

More deets coming.


Deviation @ London Eye [FULL VIDEO]

A few weeks back, I posted a few clips of the Deviation session during the last day of the Red Bull Music Academy World tour in London as they took over the eye. It was streaming live courtesy of Boiler Room and got to catch most of it. It's been posted as a full video some time back so it's here for all to enjoy. Benji B ft the Deviation Quartet aka the Cadena String 4tet. Nice.



Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Africa Hitech: Drake Hotel Nov 24th 2011 [VIDEO]

Shouts to K1ROBOT for the video. A quick recap of the Africa Hitech night. Relived in 3 mins.



Africa Hitech: XLR8R Podcast [DWNLD]

Everyone I've spoken who has attended any of the dates on this Africa Hitech tour has had the same remark: PHENOMENAL.
I had the chance of rawking w/ both Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek at the Toronto show, along side Kevin McPhee of course, and witness a true soundsystem. Amazing.
There are a few dates left on the Africa Hitech tour - San Fran, Portland and Vancouver on Dec 3rd to close out the tour. Look for the San Fran date to be a nice one. But nonetheless, if you have never heard these guys play live, they have a handful of mixes out, and a new one has emerged curated for the good ppl at XLR8R. From hip hop, to the new 140 to some of his fave footwork, you get a sense of the love show. The one element that's an absolute must is Steve Spacek toasting the mic some wonderfully. AH-FRI-CA-HI-TECH
They have big plans set for next year, and I for one can't wait.

Track list

01 Traxman "Footworkin' on Air"
02 DJ Tre "Ping Pong Trak"
03 Jlin "Erotic Heat" (Planet Mu)
04 Hudson Mohawke "Cbat" (Warp)
05 Cadenza "The Darkest Hype (Philip D. Kick Remix)" (Dummy)
06 Africa Hitech "Out in the Streets" (Warp)
07 Africa Hitech "Out in the Streets (VIP)" (Warp)
08 Krampfhaft "Perfect Gain Structure" (Saturate)
09 DJ Rashad "Welcome to the Chi"
10 DJ Earl "Dragged" (Booty Call)
11 DJ Rashad & DJ Rome "Dat Shit Huff" (Planet Mu)
12 Dillinja and Berti B "Lion Heart" (Bert 1)
13 LTJ Bukem "Horizons (Phillip D. Kick Remix)"
14 Ballistic Brothers "I'll Fly Away" (Junior Boy's Own)
15 Formula 7 "Soundboy" (Quayside)
16 Marvellous Cain "Roll Dat Shit" (R:IQ)
17 Ninjaman, Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, and Ninja Ford "Bad Boy Lick A New Shot (Jungle Bullet)" (Greensleeves)
18 Traxman "Lifeeeee Is For Ever" (Planet Mu)
19 Moondog "Viking 1" (Honest Jon's)



RBMA Lecture: Scuba [VIDEO]

A lecture I've been looking fwd to. I had seen it tucked away in my rss feed, but sat there as a private file. It's been released for public viewing now.
Scuba, the Hot Flush label boss and purveyor pf fine club vibes, takes us through his beginnings as a child urged to pursue music, his move to Berlin and why he loves it there, plus his disdain for current dubstep. An insightful Red Bull Music Academy lecture for the 2011 Madrid Edition, with some great participant interactions. I had an opportunity to host a night w/ Scuba, but never had an op to really rap, so I certainly looked fwd to this video. Moderated by the erudite Gerd Janson, enjoy.


1000 Names: Machine City EP [VIDEO]

It's been more than a min since I last had the chance to chat about Sofia's selectors 1000 Names. Well, today's my chance as they have a new one out from the Svetlana Industries label. A crew that I regarded originally closer to hip hop w/ a pinch of experimental, they have records on a small handful of labels, but i'm glad to be releasing w/ Svetlana Industries. Very early in my coverage of this music, in 07 or so, they already had releases under their belt, and they continue to march on despite their relative isolation in Bulgaria.
Machine City EP is a return to the surface, with 5 cuts that include a touch more rhythmic than glitch this time around. Songs like La Boheme, Zelda and Planet Video all have the bounce and swing that could make then club bangers - a rarity in this world. You can play and download the sampler below to get a taste of the newness.

1000names - The Machine City EP teaser by Svetlana Industries

Machine City EP is out now from Svetlana Industries.



Monday, November 28, 2011

Phat Kat: Stylin' On Niggaz [VIDEO]

Detroit's Phat Kat aka Ronnie Euro and I had a long convo a few weeks back. His idea of the music environment was not about staying busy, at all times - no long breaks to record new LPs. So, he plans to have a new vid/new track monthly until further notice. Be it that he tours or not, he'll record where he's got to - Detroit, or over seas.
Here's a new one he's just uploaded yesterday: Stylin' On Niggaz, a track produced by France's Astronote. Nice. Had not heard much of that producer in a few. Nonetheless, enjoy what has been reported to be the intro to the coming Katakombz Season record. Yup.


Teebs: Hi Hat - unreleased [DWNLD]

Some unreleased track Hi Hat from 2007, Teebs for all to enjoy. He's been having some fun w/ his soundcloud acct. This has been a blessing to all of us. In usual Teebs fashion we have another graceful track, likely scoring the adjoined artwork for this nameless piece. Enjoy.



Jay Scarlett: Finest Ego Mix [DWNLD]


I've not spoken about or to Jay in too long. need to call dood for real. I've said it then, and I'll say it again: this blog is here from as a result of his inspiration. When you go back and look for where some of this music started, Jay Scarlett is near or at the root of it all. Period. SO it actually baffles me when I quietly read some tweets and these young cats don't realize they're speaking w/ foundation, royalty. I'll speak on that another day. Anyhow, he's been invited to curate a Finest Ego's mix. Fantastic. Even best, the track listing is included. Enjoy.



01. Dimlite – Yes, Welcome
02. Doom ft. Thom Yorke & Jonny Greenwood – Retarded Fren
03. heRobust – Coma Toast
04. Dimlite – Sun Sized Twinkle
05. Raj Mahal – Force
06. Hi Res – Donnasong
07. Jose James – Trouble (Oh No Remix)
08. Jonti ft. The Stepkid & Illa J – The Days Have Turned
09. MdCL ft. Sandra Nkake – Alabi
10. Grap Luva – Rocking With Elegance (One For Damu)
11. Yesterdays New Quintet – Sun Goddess
12. Super Smoky Soul ft. Guilty Simpson – Knockout Kings (Re:ill Remix)
13. Hiatus & Shura – Fortune’s Fool (Danny Drive Thru Remix)
14. Shigeto – Self Compassion
15. The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – All Is One
16. Cristo Redentor – Harvey Mandel
17. Teebs ft. Rebekah Raff – Verbena Tea
18. Onra – Fight Or Die
19. Kuedo – Ascension Phase
20. Om Unit – Solar Cycle
21. Manni Dee – Steady Effect
22. Robot Koch – Glassdrops
23. S-Type -Sweet Vixen
24. Bobby Tank – Fireman
25. Kotchy – Turn To Rain
26. Native Machine – Electric Eccentric
27. Mike Gao – Fullspeed


Onra x Reggie B: Reach Out EP

Just back from a tour down under in Oz and NZ, Onra returns to Paris, now to work and support a collaborative EP w/ Reggie B: The Reach Out EP. For those who have loved their work together, we have a 3 cut EP which will serve as a mini compendium of their endeavors spanning from the last few years.

More importantly, pls show some love as the proceeds from the sales of the EP will go directly to assist Reggie B as he was victim to a recent house fire. So whatever you can do to help, pls do.



Option Command: Polybel Strategy [VIDEO]

The lead from Option Command's Horizon Glow EP has been rendered to video, or might I add a short film. Not until had I seen the name of a literary great, Jules Vernes did I realize it was inspired by De La Terre À La Lune. Enjoy this 19th Century short film scored to a fresh track indeed.

Shouts to King Deluxe.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Gonjasufi: Nickel & Dimes [DWNLD]

2012 will certainly have a great start. After having spent much time doing EU dates, Socal's Sufi Sumach Ecks - bka as Gonjasufi will release a follow up to the critically acclaimed 1st LP Sufi And A Killer, which was followed by the remix project of said album. MU.ZZ.LE will released as a full CD and pressed as a double 10" which hand screened jackets.
The lead, Nickels & Dimes is a morose number headed by elegiac chords, his coarse adagio flow, and all of it kept in pace by a syncopated sequence of snares, hats and kicks. A fresh lead, and you can scoop that single for free courtesy of Warp. Enjoy.



Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sungodsuns: Hear Me Out

Something new emerging from SoCal in a collab b/w Visionary 2Mex and Low End Lieutenant DJ Nobody. A slow 808 club appeal creeper, spit double time with a hazy chorus, eerily reminiscent of some old Bone Thugs harmonized w/ a 2011 update. Could we be revisiting those times??
The LP Fallin' Angels will be out Nov 29th 2011 on DJ Nobody's Home Base Records/Grimm Image Records.



More: Super Smokey Soul ft Muhsinah

It's been quite some time since I had heard from either. Super Smoky Soul was last seen somewhere on an older playlist of mine w/ this banger called Knockout Kings featuring Guilty Simpson. Muhsinah released a double EP earlier this year after a quiet period that saw he also change her name then back again. So when the email came in announcing a new 12" between the two, it was certainly eye opening.
Nov 16th, the good ppl over at Circulations in Japan released a new Super Smoky Soul 12" featuring DC starlet Muhsinah and a new remix for Knockout Kings ft Guilty Simpson by 1/3 of the triumvirate, re:iLL

More is a sonorous ditty, magniloquent with melodies and harmonies, tight drum programming and a loose and leisurely swing. Nice. The Guilty remix ia a fresh update to what was a fantastic track when it 1st emerged, but the treat is a nice instrumental that's been added as a bonus track on the 12", The Last Man.

You can scoop it over on iTunes right now. Great 12"!


Badbadnotgood: BBNG LIVE [DWNLD]

Youngests in charge, Toronto's Badbadnotgood have just put out a live recording. This was archived from a Sept 2011 show that was performed at local Dundas West spot Red Light, and featured re edits from your faves: Slum Village, Flying Lotus, Doom, Nas and many others. This one seems to have taken hold on this blogosphere. Nice.

Stay tuned....


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jay 5ive & Kromestar: Backwoods

A track that has been playing on Anti Social's show on Rinse FM for quite some time, and welcomed one each and every time. So, I needed to ask when this tune was dropping, and the answer came today.
In any case, have a listen to what I think it beautifully blasé bizness entitled Backwoods due on Bass N Love Records in top of 2012. Don't forget you can always relive the Anti Social shows from Rinse FM on their Mixcloud page.

Jay 5ive 'n' Kromestar - BackWoods by jay 5ive



...And just like that, and right under my eyes, I was reminded that the Mannie fresh lecture at the Red Bull Music Academy was up for all to watch. I've not even hit the play button yet, but I know this will be a good one. As I mentioned just hours ago, I saw him in NOLA and he was a jovial and funny guy, despite what was clearly a rough time during his exit after hay days of production over at Cash Money. In any case, be sure to watch this and learn from history. Enjoy.


RBMA: Mannie Fresh on Jay Z & Lil Wayne

Really looking forward to the Red Bull Music Academy lecture from Madrid w/ Mannie Fresh. I saw one earlier this year in NOLA with him and he is absolutely animated. Prob the best type of guest to have on the couch, as he's got details about his stories that are so amusing. Here are a few more trailers leading up...



Afta1: Into Dream [DWNLD]

Was going through some bookmarks and found one I need to post up. Been a min since I've seen my man Manuel, bka as Afta1. Caught a few of his fantastic radio appearances during his EU tour w/ Gifted And Blessed. Dude's music is delightfully disarming. No doubt.
Into Dream is a track he played once at his 1t Boom Box LA show (I think I was there??), in the pre SP-555 days. In any case, taken in some of this early Afta1 magic, circa 2009. Hit the arrow for download. Enjoy.

AFTA-1 - Intro Dream by AFTA-1


Anti Social Show: Nov 19 2011

Another great show this past weekend from the Anti Social Entertainment crew. It's up on Mixcloud for those that need to check it out. It will live there forever, but you can also download the show from the Rinse FM site as well. But as always, great tracks, a few exclusives w/ tempos swinging from left to right, and a track list to boot.




Om Unit: Swimming Dragon [DWNLD]


Fresh from his RBMA Madrid stint and evidently with the still in his sails, the timing could not be more perfect for this new Transport EP drop from the good ppl at Civil Music (and I do mean that).
To set the proverbial tempo to this release, Om Unit has leaked the lead single, Swimming Dragon, a marvelous maelstrom of retro 808, full of splintered sequences and saturnine synth, all adding up to 4 fantastic mins of galactic goulash. So well constructed, this track feels almost done prematurely. ACE.
The Transport EP is out next week, Nob 28th 2011 and will be available world wide on Civil Music. Enjoy this free download.

[download via]



Saturday, November 19, 2011

BadBadNotGood: She (Tyler The Creator Cover) [VIDEO]

BadBadNotGood continue their freestyling ways, with a cover of fellow youngest in charge Tyler The Creator's She off the Goblin LP, which originally featured Frank Ocean.

Get ready....


Onra: Chinoiseries Pt 2 [STREAM]

Now that the fantastic Chinoiseries pt 2 album is out, Onra has posted some of the tracks to stream in their entirety on his SoundCloud page. If you attended the live listening session/interview I hosted w/ Onra, I've posted one of his personally fave tracks of the LP as he mentioned it himself.

"There are so many things happening in the sample, there's almost something new to hear every time, and it's full of emotion which is why I called it Tears Of Joy" - Onra
Tears Of Joy by Onra

Enjoy. You can listen to the rest of the tracks on Onra's SoundCloud page. Chinoiseries pt 2 is out now on iTunes. 32 track.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Eric Lau: The Mission Ft Guilty Simpspn (Remix)

Just as promised, Eric Lau's new single, The Mission dropped today November 18th on limited 250 unit 7" single, but is also available as digital on iTunes as well.
But as I was discussing w/ someone in SF, trying to guess who would be so honored to do this re edit. The last one w/ Guilty Simpson was beautifully re worked by Harmonic 313, resulting in a massive 12" w/ Eric Lau on the A side. This time around, we have all world Georgia Anne Muldrow on the remix assignment. Pow.
She treats the single to a more minimal 808 w/ no heart break, something reminiscent of early Quik (Tonight). Either way, another great 12" from one our faves Londoners. Say wrd.

You can scoop the 7" from Kilawatt Music or scoop it from iTunes. $2 VERY well spent. ;)



RBMA: Mannie Fresh

Here's a quick trailer of the Mannie Fresh lecture that took place this week in Madrid at the Red Bull Music Academy.

Whole lecture coming soon...


PUDGE: OHMazing Grace

Been way too long.
After relocating from Los Angeles to NYC, one of my fave producers P.U.D.G.E. has ready to release a very unique project on our unsuspecting ears.
Familiar to me was his legendary sampling and splicing of phrases all up and down the sequence of his tracks, and what I welcomed listen it is to hear again. Recalling my 1st few listens to P.U.D.G.E back in 07 or 08, what blew me away then still holds today. Repeated listens always always unearth discoveries of samples which here just tucked away, and peaked out maybe only twice in a track. Brilliant.
But what's most unique about this one new project, and I quote right from his email:

believe it or not (though you probably will not)... this project was composed entirely using: 1 porcelain oil burner(sans oil), approx. 28 grains of jasmine rice / 1 second hand Wahl hairline trimmer , 2 wooden spoons, & a universal remote...from target. and a macbook pro
WTF?? I won't even ask. And you neither should you. Just take it in and listen. P.U.D.G.E's project OHMazing Grace will be out midway next week on his bandcamp. Can't wait to sit down at dinner for this feast!

Achording To Me (OG)

Just Us (OG)

OHMazing Grace should be available next week on P.U.D.G.E's bandcamp.


813: Spectrum Riff EP

Hailing from Moscow is another member of the international beat scene that have been proliferating worldwide. Having appeared on the pivotal Fly Russia comp, he has now stepped out and penned another release of his own, coming from the good ppl over at Donky Pitch.
813's Spectrum Riff EP is a 6 track piece that he sets ablaze with smoking synths, hot drum and explosive melodies. TO be expected from a full time firefighter?? Maybe. But tracks such as Firefighter set the tone early by creating a double time, non quantized dance floor scorcher.

DKY004 - 813 - Spectrum Riff EP Clips by Donky Pitch


A1 - Firefighter
A2 - Bluebirds
A3 - Tinky Tonky (Slugabed remix)
B1 - Plumbeous Bubbles
B2 - Splinters of Violet Glasses
B3 - Tinky Tonky

The Spectrum Riff EP from 813 drops Dec 12th 2011 on wax, and Jan 9th 2011 for digital.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sapp One: Beat Colorz [DWNLD]

Something I found in own 92BPM FB group (which I forget to peruse all the time) was a beat tape from Sapp One. Hailing from France, i found this oddly at the same time at had a extensive conversation with a friend about the French scene, which is undoubtedly led currently by Onra. But i've known for years of listening to French rap that there were accomplished producers in FRA (let alone EU), and the yrs of all that hip hop has helped spawned this current movement polished production. Skilled in that venerated art of MPC, Sapp One has released a tape for all to enjoy and spread around.

You can scoop the Beat Colorz EP at his bandcamp.




Shadow Attack: Simply Beautiful [DWNLD]

Hailing from Ann Arbor, hope to both Samiyam and Shigeto, Shadow Attack - another cat cut from the long line of brilliant sound designers from the Detroit area.
Between his involvement in the digi distro Deepblip Records, and producing, he stays busy working all other facets of the music from promo to shows to design - a true one man gang. How I came across Shadow Attack's release still escapes me (just aimless surfing through my soundcloud in box), but there's still nothing better than discovery.
He dropped just days ago a 90 something banger for the masses to enjoy, and I think you will: Simply Beautiful.

Simply:Beautiful NEW (FREE 320kbps DL) by Shadow Attack

It's been made a free download, so click the little arrow and enjoy. YOu can check more of Shadow Attack's work on his soundcloud page.



Project Mooncircle: Binary Compound Vol. 1 [DWNLD]

Released by the good ppl over Project: Mooncircle is a 2 track, remix undertaking featuring Krts and Pavel Dovgal.
Binary Compound is essentially a concept inviting 2 artists to re work each other's tracks and the inaugural release is available now.

The tracks are out and available on the Project: Mooncircle bandcamp.



Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Duktus: Dub Up [DWNLD]

Ahh... fate is wild. As I sat there listening to this record Dub Up by Dutkus, I got to check my soundcloud inbox only to see a DM from the man himself. Say wrd.
Coming from Germany comes this 12" from Leipzig's very own Dutkus. For the erudite followers, you may have flashbacks of seeing him on the Swede:Art Emotional Colors rmx record, Brownswood Bubbler's Five and Soulection among other recordings. Now, he drops his own 12" Dub Up, featuring rmxs from the likes of Swede:Art, Glenn Astro, Cleast Intwood, all on the Resistant Mindz Recordz.
The lead and title track is a classic downtempo'd riddim, lead by deep nebulous chords, and a dubby echoing voice throughout the track. The remixes offer new twists on the original, with new cadences and direction.

DUB UP / Remix Collaboration by DUKTUS

You can scoop the Dub Up EP from Dutkus, on a name your price basis and check the rest of his goodies whilst you're at it. ;)



Ango: Another City Now [VIDEO]

Earlier this year, I was on the road w/ a bunch of the Canadian Lucky Me soldiers, on this criss crossing Canadian tour for the RBMA. Among them was Ango from Montréal.
Ango's music is cut from a different electronic cloth, weaved as a tapestry of melodramatic vocals, and definitive dance floor ditties commanding the attention of all listeners. Such was the case when I was privy to weeks of touring w/ Ango, and watching crowds dazzled by his charged riveting renditions.
This 6 track Another City Now EP is available on iTunes now worldwide, with a lim ed double vinyl pressing coming very soon from Lucky Me, for those who want to hear those falsetto hooks about girls from that warm wax and needle. Say wrd.

ANGO - ANOTHER CITY NOW by LuckyMe Music Art Parties


1. All That You Can Stand (intro)
2. Follow Me
3. Looking For Love
4. Love Me
5. What You Lose


H! This Is Not A Revival [DWNLD]

In a conversation I recently had w/ Phat Kat from Detroit, he reaffirmed his amazement at the music that was coming from overseas. I agreed - always have. In a compilation that has been curated to focus on the Italian beat science scene, This Is Not A Revival has finally dropped. Assembling the noise makers from the land of Cinelli bikes and angel hair pasta, This Is Not A Revival introduces 16 tracks from a few names I've known and many I've yet to come across. +1 for discovery. Morpherground, Grillo and RBMA grad AD Bourke are names that have populated my library but the rest are new to my ears and possibly yours as well.
But familiar to my ears is the adept and adroit production featured on this compilation, flaunting the fine craftsmanship to be expected from first rate goods from the Italian Republic. From funk to abstract hip hop, to experimental, This Is Not A Revival looks to fulfill it's goal of presenting the world to their burgeoning underground scene. As a free download, this package will come w/ a PDF containing all the deets you'll need.

BEAT.IT | This Is Not A Revival by BEAT.IT


01 / AD BOURKE VS. COSTA – Ominide
02 / A N.I.Q. JOINT – Campioni Gorilla
03 / MORPHEGROUND – Where Am I?¿? (i’m totally into this one ndr)
04 / DIGI G’ALESSIO – Yes I’m A Lonely Man
06 / MANUELE ATZENI – Bum! Clack!
07 / COLOSSIUS – Kentacky
08 / BAINMASS – Old Stuff
09 / DJ 2PHAST – Cluedo
10 / MASTER OF RIBONGIA – Sunny Good Times
11 / GRILLO – Tasty Satellites
12 / KAPPAH – 52
13 / RAILSTER – Andromeda
14 / BASS SCIENCE – Wax Slash
15 / FITNESS BITCH – Sinergy
16 / CONTAINER – Quack Methods



Monday, November 14, 2011

Moovmnt Presents: Future Of Funk 2 [DWNLD]

Master curators and bellwether blog, Moovmnt have released a comp for masses to consume. The follow up to their well received 1st installment, is now going from a bright turquoise to a fuchsia pink, but just as much pop. Uh, not pop but Funk.
Future Of Funk 2 will feature some of the names that I've extolled in the last few, and some you maybe be discovering as well. ARP 101, Jon Phonics, Dam Funk, Salva and B Bravo are many of the familiar names you'll recognize immediately. There's nothing like music discovery. ;)

The Future of Funk 2 by Moovmnt


01 ARP 101 - Groove
02 Jon Phonics - The One
03 813 - Street Beats, Big Cloks
04 Sasac - Bourgies Must Chill
05 Def Chronic - Apple Juice
06 Bobby Tank - Tangent
07 DāM-FunK - Forever
08 Opolopo - Hexagon Love
09 East Liberty Quarters - Lucky Charm
10 Replife - Ready Set Go (AD Bourke Dub Mix)
11 Ulysses82 - Fax
12 First Touch - It's Yours (2011 Mix)
13 Salva - Obsession Ft. B. Bravo
14 B. Bravo & Teeko - The Roll Out



Suff Daddy: Dutch Passion 2006 [DWNLD]

It's been quite a minute since I've listen to some Suff Daddy. His early releases were some of the hallmarks of what I felt was the ground swell of this beat science sound that was developing, esp coming out of EU. He's still active, cutting and splicing the samples from classic hip hop records.

Suff Daddy has broken his silence w/ a freebie of an EP. Suff Daddy presents The Dutch Passion 2006, courtesy of the good ppl at Melting Pot Music. A stash of gems he was holding to himself, until now.

Can you guess the inspiration?? My dutch passion is it's water, but hey.... Nonetheless, it's always fun to listen to Suff Daddy, and prob even best blowing that thick white smoke. Always well produced, and great listens. The Dutch Passion 2006 is available as a free download. grab it here whilst you can. It's all here below.

Suff Daddy - Dutch Passion 2006 by MPMCGN



Preacherz [VIDEO]

The look and sound of Jazz: keys, strings and pads. I need to see this at a jazz festivals near me. Seriously Toronto.

keys : Emmanuel "Dax" André
bass : Simon "B" Saint-Hillier
drums/MPC : Laurent "Zo" Pirbay


Jimmy Flamante: Hip Beats Vol. 01 [DWNLD]

Hailing from the land of the fiery and sometime strangely comical Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan Jimmy Flamante comes to us by way of Caracas and the good ppl at Jus Like Music. I've had teh chance to run this for the last few weeks now, and one thing's certian: inspired entirely by classic hip hop, Jimmy Flamante has just released a 7 cut EP entitled Hip Beats Vol. 01 which will introduce the world to the orthodox style and clear reverence for the chopped sample, kick and snare - meat and potatoes of hip hop.

Jimmy Flamante's EP has been made available as a free download. Just hit his bandcamp page to get your own copy. Shouts to Jus Like Music as always.



Marry Anne Hobbs: Eglo Records Spotlight w/ Alexander Nut

Just over a week ago, label co-head Alexander Nut presented a Eglo Records mix for a label spotlight for Mary Anne Hobbs' show. Simply put, this is what resulted for the lovers/followers of Eglo. You'll actually find some Ho_tep bizness in there as well. You can stream it here in all it's splendor.



Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kuhn: Slime Beach

Ahhhh.... Played myself.
So I was listening to Alexander Nut's show this weekend and heard this tune on Rinse FM and had to send this tweet out. Moments later, I get coded language from Alexander Nut who essentially told me to look into my email box. So I did. POW.

I'd come across some of Kuhn's work via my man Astro Nautico in the past but had not got around to inking anything. This 22 yr old producer has recently released a 4 track EP on wax on Civil Music, which was also released as digital w/ 5 more remixes from Philip D Kick, S. Maharba among others. But the title track/lead single from Kuhn is a pretty 140 bizness riddim w/ a rainbow bright xylophone refrain. So pretty. But the wax also features a vinyl only release of a particular stand out track We're Gonna Make It, featuring some desolate vocals on simple strumming folky guitar, until the measure makes it's presence felt, rearranging the quasi ballad into a remarkable tune. The track was originally released under the Astro Nautico flag, on the Spacemuzik EP.

Slime Beach EP by Kuhn

Tracklist (12")

1. Slime Beach
2. Stoneskipper
3. Back 'n' Forth
4. We're Gonna Make It


1. Slime Beach
2. Stoneskipper
3. Back 'n' Forth
4. Island
5. Silme Beach (Phillip D Kick Remix)
6. Slime Beach (The Range Remix)
7. Back 'n' Forth (howse Remix)
8. Back 'n' Forth (Drop/Dead Remix)
9. Stoneskipper (S. Maharba Remix)

The Slime Beach EP from Kuhn is out now, and available from Civil Music now.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Knxwledge: Konsistensi EP

My man Knxwledge is on a torrid pace, keeping up w/ possibly himself only. On a Madlibian schedule, Knxwledge has once again released an EP of goodies. Like I told him in the message, he's essentially a MASCHINE™. But it all seriousness, this is the stuff I can sit back and listen tirelessly. Always well produced w/ the perfect samples interposed throughout the track. Posting one of my fave tracks off it, Sugronmyrasins

Just sick. You can scoop it all at his bandcamp page. Say wrd.


Eric Lau featuring Guilty Simpson: The Mission

Days removed from celebrating his birthday, London's Eric Lau readies to drop a new riddim for the mans dem. In a 2nd collaboration w/ Detroit's gun holdin' Guilty Simpson (with the 1st coming a few yrs back with the classic For The D), Eric Lau drops a new single entitled The Mission on November 18th 2011, out on Kilawatt. And from a tweet that I read, there should also be a remix being mastered as we speak, as part of a bigger project which should resemble an EP from Eric in the new year. Swy wrd.
The single will be made available on 7" wax and on digi, so they'll be something for all aficionados.



Friday, November 11, 2011

Royalty: i-D Interview [VIDEO]

Ahead of the late November release of Purple Nights EP, I caught this Royalty interview w/ i-D magazine. Chats about life, fashion and music - including Jungle Fever (LOL) from the dynamic duo who own a domicile in both LDN and Italy, but more importantly, the Purple Nights EP which will drop the last week of November from Five Easy Pieces.
Interestingly enough, a video has gone up for a track from a previous self titled EP.

Anyhow, head over and check the i-D interview.



Omar S: Who's In The Key ft Theo Parrish [VIDEO]

Thumbs up for a fresh track and a very fresh video for Omar S' Who's In The Key which featuring Detroit teammate Theo Parrish on the track. Thought his High School Graffiti EP has been out for a few, this video has surfaced just a few days past.

Make sure you grab that High School Graffiti EP, courtesy of Scion A/V.



BadBadnotGood: DOOM [DWNLD]

Rising musicians Badbadnotgood aka BBNG, consummate hip hop fanatics have been known to bang out remarkable renditions and marvelous medleys live and on film.
More recently, a new video surfaced and this one's a Doom medley. Sick. Better yet. it's available as a download as well. Enjoy.


Blu: DoinNothin [VIDEO]

Last time I saw Blu, I was walking in Flying Lotus' place, he was walking out, and we were all supposed to get food later. That's it.
He missed his plane for the Toronto show he had most recently, but made his MTL trip. Still don't know what dood is up to right now. But I'll catch up to him and see what's good soon.
But hours ago as reported by Prefix, Blu dropped a vid for the Flying Lotus produced DoinNothin. Hope to see more from dood soon. Enjoy.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kuedo: The Whisper Fate [FAN VIDEO]

1st, shouts to Juha who months ago put me on to Kuedo and I found myself streaming the advance online for days straight.
2nd, shouts to Illumsphere for dropping this track in his Boiler Room mix for show 69. Then I found this...

So beautiful, makes you wanna hold a girl's hand...



Teebs: The Artwork Of Mtendere Mandowa [VIDEO]

The artwork of Mtendere Mandowa aka Teebs.

Soundtrack taken from Collections 01 of course.



DVA featuring Vikter Duplaix [VIDEO]

In what was heard by my ears for the 1st time this week during the HyperDub special on Rinse FM, the new single from (Scratcha) DVA featuring Vikter Duplaix was announced for release Nov 15th 2011. Just moments ago, HyperDub just tweeted out the new video as well, Madness. A mad videoclip with an even madder time signature.


Madness ft Vikter Duplaix
Madness (instrumental)
Polyphonic Dreams

Loving this tune same way. Madness will be available worldwide Nov 15th 2011 on HyperDub.



Alexander Nut on Rinse FM: Afrobeats & Bumps [DWNLD]

In the wee hours of Nov 5th, I recall reading this tweet from Alexander Nut, and then set my clock for 13h GMT (8h EST).
As usual, a great show on Rinse FM from one of the most versatile curators out there. Joined by Fatima, they also went into a live rendition of a Ho Tep release that is due later this month. So, for the fans of the drum, the rhythm, the foundation of the beat, listen to the show from Alexander81 aka Alexander Nut w/ Fatima, or enjoy a download of the show for a later listen.

Rinse FM: Alexander Nut w/ Fatima - Afrobeats & Bumps, Nov 5th 2011



Tony Allen - Asiko
Mulatu & The Heliocentrics - Addis Black Widow
Akoya Afrobeat Ensemble - We Love Afrobeat
Stafff Benda Bilili - Avarmandole
Ebo Taylor - Kwame
Adrian Quesada & Ocote Soul Sounds - La Reja
William Onyeabor - Better Change Your Mind
Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen - Selfish Gene
Gary Bartz - Celestial Blues
Deyampert & Clover - Held Him First
Donaeo - Love
Switch & Andrea Martin - I Still Love You
Phil Asher & Omass - Do It
Logic - The Final Frontier
Deyampert & Jane Hamilton - It's You
Shirely Eubanks Ensemble - The Blessing Song
Tony Allen - Ariya
Rhythmn & Sound with Jennifer Lara 'Queen Of My Empire'


Joy Divison 'Atmosphere'
Aybee 'Hidden Treasures'
Al Green 'Love Ritual'



Civil Music Sampler [DWNLD]

So I just saw this tweet stating that Civil Music was letting go of a sampler for the masses. Alright.
So struck the deal and the tracks were up an ready to let go.
After registering, POW: I can't get enjoy the download, as I'm not a US resident. DAYUM. The country w/ massive broadband penetration can't enjoy some free music. GET REAL AMAZON. Anyhow, all US readers, you can enjoy this music, though I know not of other territories.. Here's how it all looks.

1. Island Kuhn
2. Falling in Love Kotchy
3. Sunflower Reason or Romanza
4. Like D's Bees Debruit
5. Lost in Space (Kuhn Remix) Starkey
6. Sirens (Jeeks Remix) The Starlings
7. Main Sequence Star Reso
8. Prawn Cocktail Om Unit
9. Picture Darling Farah
10. Cold Lazarus (Drums of Death's Club Mix) Drums Of Death
11. Beasts in the Basement (VIP) Reso
12. Gamma Rays (Bricks VIP) Starkey


After tweeting this, I was kindly directed by the good ppl over at Civil Music to hit their own site so to scoop this compilation, and even more. So, there you go. All is well, that ends well.
So you can head over to the Civil Music site and simply click here and follow the instructions. Great catalog selections, in hi fidelity for you to enjoy.

So you can click here and download the compilation for free, after you register for free. But you must live in US, or go through the hassle of a IP sniffer concealer etc... too much work for me right now. But I'm sure I have some US readers. If anyone can scoop this compilation, would you mind sending me the link?? you can email it: emailme [at] 92bpm [dot] com.

Shouts to Om Unit, and the Civil Music mandem.



Joker: The Vision - Instrumentals [DWLND]

Niceness. Not that this was promised, but there was word that instrumentals were going to made available to all who made adv purchase of Joker's The Vision. He did indicate though that the wax and WAVs of the instrumentals would be available Nov 27th 2011. Nonetheless, a man of the people that he is, Joker has made the mp3 versions of the instrumentals in a tweet earlier today. Niceness.
For the link up, all you have to do is head to Joker's Facebook Fan Page and, give it a Like. And presto, you'll be able to grab the files. Niceness. Whilst you're at it, give this post a thumbs up too, if you're feeling it. I forget it's actually there.



Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Union ft Talib Kweli & Sly Johnson: Time Leak [VIDEO]

Some may recall Union, from a more recent appearance on the Label Love 3 compilation which surfaced not so long ago. So, leading to a LP that should be dropping at the top of 2012, we are now offered a new 12" single from the French duo: Time Leak by the Union featuring Talib Kweli and Sly Johnson.

A piece of music rooted in sci fi, enveloped in syrupy soul and the singing snare that the French adore so passionately. In to tie is all together are the smooth silvery vocals from Sly Johnson and the blackest star Talib Kweli. Below is the video for your enjoyment.

Even better however is the set remixes offered on this 12", including one from Project Mooncircle's fLako, and a tight one from Damu the Fudgemunk as well.

Time Leak feat. Talib Kweli and Sly Johnson - Single by Unionmusic

And you're the wax type, how could not NOT cop something that looks like this??

The new Union 12" The Leak ft Talib Kweli & Sly Johnson is out now from Fat Beats, world wide.


The Deer: Lucky 7 [DWNLD]

In a collaborative effort uniting purveyors Insect Records, Beats n Crates, The Deer aka J1 aka all world drummer for Master Blazter aka THE NEW LA RAIDERS, has another release via afore mentioned Austin TX imprint Insect Records: Lucky 7

Squeezing out an instrumental EP in between all the Master Blazter tour dates, The Deer ads to his ever growing catalog of music (as producer + curator) for the true fans of the sound, coming from the man who is the anchor of the rhythm: the drummer. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, The Deer and peers are the new jazz maestros, and am floored that they're not being booked for jazz festivals when I see ppl like Ice Cube and The Roots (for the Nth time) getting gigs. UGH.
Anyhow, tracks are as follows:


1. FORGET 02:18
2. 4 GOT 02:41
3. HOME 03:24
5. STREET LITE 04:40
7. CORTEX 04:11

You can scoop the EP and the Insect Records bandcamp.

Enjoy and show love.


Onra Discusses Samples w/ XLR8R

Leading up to the release of Chinoiseries pt2, Onra discusses 5 samples that were transformed as only he can, to pieces of works for his Chinoiseries pt 2.
Great little piece posted by the good ppl of at XLR8R.


PS - in you're Toronto, do remember the Onra listening event.


ONRA Listening Event: Chinoiseries pt 2

Something that I have been meaning to start again for a little while, and now have the opportunity.
Come listen to the highly anticipated new LP from Onra and All City, Chinoiseries pt2 in it’s entirety at the legendary Play De Record, in it’s revamped back room studio/campus.
Hosted by mymanhenri, we will also have a live in studio interview with Onra, chatting all things Chinoiseries pt2. Join us.

92bpm presents:

Chinoiseries pt2, The Advanced Listening

Tuesday November 15th 2011
Time: 6p-9p FREE
357 Yonge Street TORONTO.
hosted/moderated by mymanhenri.
You can RSVP here.

See you next week.



Rinse FM HyperDub Special w/ ScratchaDVA [DWNLD]

I totally knew about this one that went down last night on RinseFM. Man like ScratchaDVA hosted a HyperDub special which featured new and up coming bizness from the camp, including his own works featuring that new bizness w/ Viktor Duplaix. . Anyhow, 2 hrs of big riddims all night.

You can stream it here or download it still....

RinseFM HyperDub special w/ ScratchaDVA


Shouts to Kode 9.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Finest Ego: Beatmaker Challenge [VIDEO]

In October, the good ppl at Finest Ego organised a Beatmaker Challenge in Oberhausen with participants from all over Europe (Italy, Belgium, France, Hungary, Austria and Germany - as Finest Ego aka the UN of beats). Competitors were: 9th Cloud, Richard Colvaen, Mono:Massive, Millelemmi, DNte, Avyd & Playpad Circus, and I supposed the crowd were to voice their cheers for the winner. A fun looking event indeed that resulted in the following results:

1st Place -- Richard Colvaen
2nd Place -- Playpad Circus
3rd Place -- DNte

Enjoy the footage as it has surfaced just moments ago.


Asap Rocky: Been Around The World (Sweatson Klank Re Rub) [DWNLD]

ASAP. ASAP. ASAP. Whenever the net aka the new A&R starts buzzing too hard about some cats, I have to wonder.... and usually cover my face until the dust cloud settles. WHOA. So it turns out that Harlem hero Asap Rocky has landed a $3M deal from his mixtapes? Dayum.
So the Southern swag from this East coast MC has bagged him a pile of cash, but he's also now been treated to a priceless remix from SWEATSON KLANK (fka Take).
SK has been quiet finishing his EP (which sounds fabulous), and has also been busy finishing some commissioned remixes for majors, but found the time to give the NY's newest star Asap Rocky, an edit with a nice club bounce.... So enjoy this FREE DOWNLOAD > yup yup. Just hit the little arrow, and take it with you.

Been Around The World (Sweatson Klank Re Rub)



Salva: Yellobone EP

It's been a good year for Salva and Frite Nite. Tons to be proud of. A full length (Complex Housing), and several releases from his Bay area based Frite Nite label from his crew. His hard work and recognized and rewarded being admitted to the Red Bull Music Academy, Madrid 2011. But, he keeps it moving, never sitting back to enjoying the California landscape.
Out next week is the Yellobone EP from Salva.

Salva has certainly made all aware that he's capable of varied styles and sounds, (that OM Unit rmx was just murderous) from a tempo'ed ditty like Yellobone, to something a touch smoother, infused with some funk by Like Obsession, featuring label mate and Red Bull Music Academy grad, B Bravo.
The EP also features remixes from LOL Boys, Shlohmo among others.


1. Yellobone
2. Obsession ft. B. Bravo
3. Komodo
4. Yellobone (Shlohmo & 2KWTVR Remix)
5. Yellobone (LOL Boys Remix)

From the Yellobone EP, Obsession ft B Bravo.

Salva - Obsession ft. B. Bravo by FoFMusic

Yellobone EP drops November 15th 2011, and will be available worldwide.


Africa Hitech: North American Tour [UPDATE] [DWNLD]

Just days away from the Africa Hitech tour kick off in NY, the dates for the tour have been update w/ additional acts and support. As well, a tour trailer has been cut and edited to preview the dates.

10-Nov - New York - (Le) Poisson Rouge - w/ Sepalcure + Mux Mool
11-Nov - Detroit - The Works - w/ Mux Mool
13-Nov - Austin - Barcelona - w/ Mux Mool
16-Nov - Minneapolis - The Loft at Barfly - w/ Lazer Sword
17-Nov - Chicago - Smart Bar - w/ Lazer Sword
18-Nov - Montreal - Cabaret du Mile End w/ Ango
19-Nov - Buffalo - DBGB - w/ DJG
23-Nov - San Juan - Red Shield Music Hall - w/ Distal
24-Nov - Toronto - The Drake Underground - w/ Kevin McPhee + mymanhenri
25-Nov - Denver - Beta Nightclub - w/ Dibiase + Clicks & Whistles
27-Nov - Los Angeles - Bardot Hollywood - w/ Clicks & Whistles + Jonwayne
28-Nov - Seattle - Chop Suey - w/ Clicks & Whistles
29-Nov - Sacramento - Townhouse - w/ Dibiase + Jonwayne
30-Nov - Eureka - Nocturnum - w/ Quitter + Jonwayne
01-Dec - San Francisco - Public Works - w/ Kush Arora + Jonwayne
02-Dec - Portland - Rotture - w/ !!!DJs, Dibiase + Jonwayne
03-Dec - Vancouver - W2 Media Cafe - w/ Dibiase + Jonwayne

For the Toronto ppl, you can click on the above Nov 24th date and that will take you to the RSVP page. That show will take place Nov 24th at the Drake Hotel. AMAZING. Tell a friend, bring another.
Enjoy a classic show from Rinse FM and Africa Hitech. More treats as we draw closer to the date.

Africa Hitech - Live At Rinse FM May 23rd 2011

[download] right click


Monday, November 7, 2011

Om Unit: Transport EP

Fresh off his 2 week Red Bull Music Academy stay, Om Unit skips not a moment and is back to work. Set to drop Nov 28th 2011 on Civil Music, Om Unit's Transport EP will follow up some brilliant releases from the prodigious producer.

This four track EP will continue to cement Om Unit's sound and style among the best in this game, with his ability to work a 90bpm some riddim to tempo'ed music like this Civil Music 12"

CIV031 - Om Unit - Transport ( EP preview) by omunit

Track List

1. Swimming Dragon
2. An Eternal Way
3. Vibrations
4. Cold World

The digi pack will include bonus remixes from Machinedrum and Ital Tek.



Shlohmo Shlo-fi EP: Couch (Sooch Remix) [DWNLD]

Before becoming the darling of many with his abstruse art, young Cali crooner Shlohmo had a cryptic release from EU Error Broadcast in a A&R coup de grâce.
Shlo-fi was the 1st official release from Shlohmo, is now being re-released and repackaged with remixes.

Tailing the originals will be a set of commissioned remixes which will include Anenon and Soosh.

Couch (Soosh rmx)



A01 Couch
A02 For You Pt. 1
A03 For You Pt. 2
A04 Crust
B02 Socks
B03 My Drum Loop is Stuck in Molasses
B04 Ghosts Pt. 2
B04 Blankets
B05 Outbound
C1 Ghosts Pt. 2 (Anenon Remix)
C2 Couch (Soosh Remix)
D1 Crust (Jameszoo Remix)
D2 Ghosts Pt. 2 (S.maharba Remix)
Couch (Wanda Group White Women Remix) [Digital Bonus]

The Shlo-fi re release will be available Dec 5th 2011. Make sure to check Error Broadcast for more deets.


Soulection Presents MOOD by Evil Needle [DWNLD]

Soulection, the future-soul flag bearer and protagonist in SoCal dropped just 1 week ago, a gem from German born, but French resident Evil Needle. MOOD is a 14 track chef d'oeuvre, rife with that soulful swing that the world seems to embrace with every drop. Having been introduced to production via friends at a tender age, Evil Needle had been dabbling ever since only have to become more proficient w/ age. Evil Needle now has some various releases under his belt with more to come. But most celebrated is this new one from the Soulection camp, MOOD. Listing many sounds as his influences, but will wholeheartedly admit to having been impacted by listening to hip hop, listing Fettes Brot as an influence. Whether italo disco, or golden era hip hop, one thing for sure, the sound of MOOD is all love and is up for you to peep.

Evil Needle - Mood (OUT NOW) - Teaser (S005) by SOULECTION

This teaser for MOOD can be downloaded and the full LP can be peeped over at the Soulection Bandcamp.



Teebs: Collections 01 [DWNLD]

From an upcoming Collections 01 from Brainfeeder, Teebs has dropped a gem for the ppl to preview. As Teebs puts it, Collections 01 is neither an EP or an LP, but simply a "collections of ideas", as part of a set of releases he plans to offer along what will certainly be an illustrious career from the Cali resident.

yellow more new by teebsio


1. Just the Yellow Bits
2. Cook, Clean, Pay The Rent (New House Version)
3. Pretty Poly
4. Jahara
5. Verbena Tea (featuring Rebekah Raff)
6. Your Favorite Weekday
7. LSP (featuring Austin Peralta)
8. While You Dooooo (Extended)
9. Red Curbs Loop (Stuff I Dream About)
10. Yellow More New

Collections 01 from Teebs should be in stores this week, Nov 08 2011, and you can preview the whole LP here here:
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