Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Royalty: Purple Nights EP [DWNLD]

I would listen to Alex Nut's show and hear these shouts: Chesca Ches, Yorke Beats, Five Easy Pieces. I would be just confused... and keep it moving. Eventually, I found out that Yorke Beats and Chesca Ches were Royalty. Then one day, he had Chesca Ches play a set as a special guest on the show.
It blew my mind. I actually tweeted that it had been one of the best shows - and Alex has some great ones.
In any case, about 1 hr ago, she tweeted something about a forthcoming EP from FIve Easy Pieces called Purple Nights.

Awesome news. Better yet, she posted a teaser for said EP.

Royalty - Purple Nights EP Teaser by .ROYALTY.

This follow up to their 1st self titled ep is more of that funk, throw back to banging tempos and melodies, or what they are calling new boogie and should fire up some dance floors from the UK to Italy and back to our side of the pond. Midway through the teaser, I had some flashbacks of that fantastic show Chesca Ches did w/ Alex Nut which featured a pile of exclusives. To be honest, it was on of my fave mixes this year. I played it tons at home, riding... on and on. Only right that I left you have it - again.

Mixed Nuts || Alex Nut w/ Chesca (Royalty) on Rinse FM


Out Nov 21st 2011, the Purple Nights EP from Royalty will be one to check for. ;)



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