Sunday, October 2, 2011

Resonate: Aural Stimuli v1 [DWNLD]

This has decidedly been the month of compilations. But they're coming fast, and and they're coming furious.
Celebrating their 2nd year anniversary, Stockton CA's own Resonate are releasing a compilation Aural Stimuli v1 featuring many of the acts that they've been bringing to their NorCal monthly.

Tucked away just south of the Californian capital, and a few hours north of what is widely considered the intercontinental beatific beat science capital that is Los Angeles, is a crew of cats who have been quietly stacking bass bins, and banging that sought after sound, featuring the very visitants who are pioneering and producing the greatest Californian export since the iPod. The ppl who have been successfully running the recurring Resonate monthly are celebrating 2 years by curating a free compilation, saying thank you to all of their followers for the patronage, and greetings for all who are discovering them, and their soirée.
Shining on this Aural Stimuli v1 are Jonwayne, mndsgn, Dibiase, Boom Baptist, Benito, B.Lewis, Joob, Al_pd, AWBLZRD, Aly, Jermski, & Mr. Muddbird.
Click away and grab it, give it a listen, and show love.



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