Wednesday, October 26, 2011

RBMA: Young Guru Speaks With Chairman Mao [VIDEO]

As some of you know, the Red Bull Music Academy is off and running in Madrid since Sunday past. And the guest lectures by the esteemed have started. One of the 1st to hit the most famous couch is Roc A Fella's Young Guru.
The youngest in charge who's had what might be the most important job out there: engineering Jay-Z's sound, among many other giants in the hip hop game. In his mid twenties, he started to look after Jay's sound, and now 12 yrs later, he's still controlling the timber of Jay's voice, kick and snare.
Chairman Mao sat with him to discuss all things. Here's quick excerpt of the the whole lecture, conducted by none other than Chairman Mao

Le sigh. I miss the academy. Shouts to Chairman Mao. [via EgoTrip]


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