Monday, October 17, 2011

RBMA Revolution In Sound: Benji B Quartet [VIDEO]

So last week as the closing night of the Red Bull Music Academy World, with the last night taking place in London. In what has been described as a phenomenal tour de force, the good ppl at the RBMA curated a music event at the London's iconic London Eye, using the gondola/pods as mini venues. Each pod having it's own act and spinning around as the performances took place. And, to boot, all pods were being streamed live via their website.
One pod in particular however was also being streamed by the good ppl over at Boiler Room, and that was Benji B's featuing his recently founded quartet.

Benji B played a live set, and the quartet complimented the sound w/ symphonies superimposed. The stream took over my HD screen, and was blessed with not a single hiccup. Amazing. But hearing big riddims with a strings refix?? THAT was epic. You had to see it. I'm imagining that this was archived and justly so. Looking fwd to seeing it again. And again. And again. But there was some footage of course, and I found a few clips.



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