Thursday, October 27, 2011

RBMA: Addison Groove Speaks w/ Emma Warren [VIDEO]

As the lecture videos start to surface on the inna-net, we are able to witness some of the best programming and curating out there. Just yesterday, the morning after a playing a night in Madrid, the Red Bull Music Academy couch hosted Addison Groove, also known to many as HeadHunter and né Antony WIlliams, in a 90 min conversation - run by the distinguished music journalist and long time RBMA associate Emma Warren. This just popped up moments ago, so sit back relax, and listen to Mr Footcrab speak on juke music, how African music exercised it's influenced in his production, the early days of dubstep and watch him bang out a few demos on the perennial production box that is the Roland TR-808 or 808 for short.




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