Monday, October 3, 2011

The Other Cosmos [DWNLD]

How did I get here?? I'm still not sure. You know how you can start on twitter and find yourself in facebook 7 clicks later?? Or you started answering an FB message and then suddenly find your self listening to new sh*t from someone you don't know, whilst the cursor stays blinks (albeit to the beat) 17 words into your reply?
Something like that happened Sunday. Enter The Other Cosmos.
Young cat from LA who's in an 4 piece indie band playing the axe. But finds time to work on a side electronic project that he calls The Other Cosmos. Lunar Trill was the 1st joint I heard, and in fact was the one that sold me. But he's got a few more to tuck away for later. +, he's also the co author of this one that has been circulating the underground, which eventually made it's way to Flying Lotus' HD - and he played it for all who were @ Eagle Rock this weekend.... something about 'I think i'm fly-ing-lot-us..." LOL.

Anyhow. The Other Cosmos. Enjoy.

Lunar Trill by TheOtherCosmos

sidechainkilla(full) by TheOtherCosmos


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