Monday, October 10, 2011

Onra: Chinoiserie pt 2 [VIDEO]

A day removed for my birthday, I wake up to some of the best news. Word of Onra's next release, Chinoiseries Pt 2 is traveling through the internet as fast as the new iPhone 5. But this is real. ;)
Onra's has been one of my faves from jump. Long before his break out LP Long Distance, before his stint at the Red Bull Music Academy, he had released some powerful music, including a slept on Chinoiseries.
But for those that went a little too heavy on the Nyquil, your moment of atonement has arrived: Chinoiseries Pt 2 will be released November 15th 2011 on All City.
For anyone who speaks/understand French, this title has ALWAYS made me smile. Roughly translated: Chinese stuff. Ever better, this Chinese stuff is coming from a French Vietnamese producer on an Irish label. ;)
ANYHOW, here's a trailer of what will be a highly anticipated record... And the still of the youtube alone had me excited. Let the MPC SING!

More to come...


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