Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mizz Beats: Scientific Brainpriest

I've always professed that you can never deny a melody. Period. That's the one thing that I always took from Mizz Beats' music and man (or woman), did she ever lace another one.
Due for a Oct 17th release from the good ppl over @ Eglo Records is a the 12" featuring some newness from said HBIC (head badgyal in charge) Mizz Beats.
Scientific Brainpriest is some 140 bizness that actually rides more like a slow 70, steadily building to a scintillating synth solo mid way thru the 6 some minute oeuvre. The B side will see a re release of a track Pimpin, previously available only on white label.

Scientific Brainpriest

Scientific Brainpriest will be out Oct 17th 2011. Check Eglo Records for more details.


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